FR662 Green Stones (Made in Switzerland) With FG Shank
FR662 Green Stones with FG Shank are meticulously crafted in Switzerland, embodying precision and quality synonymous with Swiss manufacturing. These stones boast a vibrant green hue, radiating elegance and sophistication. Designed to enhance various jewelry pieces, they add a touch...
QUALITE S STONE FR661F-FG Clinic Green Stones, with FG and RA Shanks (Pack of 10)
QUALITE S STONE FR661F-FG Clinic Green Stones, a pack of 10 premium-quality stones designed for precision and efficiency. These stones come equipped with both FG and RA shanks, offering versatility for various dental procedures. The Clinic Green Stones are crafted...
Dental RA Green Stone Burs (FR649F) With FG Shank
Dental RA Green Stone Burs (FR649F) featuring a reliable FG Shank. Crafted with precision, these burs are designed to deliver optimal cutting efficiency and durability. The green stone composition ensures consistent performance, making them ideal for a range of dental...
Dental Clinic Green Stones FR645 with FG Shank -10/Pack
Dental Clinic Green Stones FR645, equipped with FG Shank and conveniently packed in sets of 10. These high-quality abrasive stones are crafted to perfection, ensuring optimal performance and durability. The FG Shank provides compatibility with a range of dental handpieces,...
FR638F Green Stones With FG Shank
The Miller Apexo #71 is a distinguished dental instrument designed to deliver precision and efficiency in oral procedures. With its large handle and single end, this instrument exemplifies ergonomic excellence, ensuring a comfortable grip for practitioners during intricate dental tasks....
FR601F Jota Swiss Green Stones with FG Shank
The FR601F Jota Swiss Green Stones with FG Shank is a remarkable dental product that combines precision and durability to meet the demanding needs of dental professionals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these green stones offer exceptional performance in...
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