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Hahnenkratt Relax FS Rhodium / ULTRA Mouth Mirrors 10/pk


Relax FS Rhodium Mouth Mirrors

The advantages of a front surface mirror in combination with the »lite« fiberglass design, provide highest
comfort for you and your patient for relaxed dental operations.

RELAX - Designed with a perfect blend of technology and ergonomics.
Comfortably light weight - For relaxed dental operations
Comfortable to Hold - Due to the ergonomic design with grip recess
Keeping Quality - Colour Stable,resistant against acids as well as against plaque-indicators
Comfortable For Patients - Due to the smooth finish
Hygienic - Due to the plane transition from mirror surface to mirror casing without any gap
Silk - Mat - Finished - Reflectionfree Surface

Relax FS ULTRA Mouth Mirrors

  • Highest reflection with crystal clear brightness
  • Superior colour accuracy, without any discoloration
  • Exact sharpness
  • Scratch resistant
  • Improved comfortable cheek retraction


Return Policy ALL orders returned for credit if returned 20+ days from original shipping date. Defective items must be returned within 30 days from the Date of Purchase
    Hahnenkratt Relax FS Rhodium / ULTRA Mouth Mirrors 10/pk
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