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Mirror Head 12/Box Cone Socket - Front Surface

$2.75 $34.50
Size :

Cone Socket Mirror No.5

Made In Germany
12 Pic / Box

TOPvision FS Mouth Mirrors
The TOPvision FS is the alternative to the TOPvision FS Rhodium. Rhodium is even more expensive than gold. In order to offer a more favourable front surface mouth mirror, we developed a unique combination of reflection layers on the base of our decades-long experience.

Both mouth mirrors distinguish only in the way of reflection. Rhodium reflects colours with a »warmer« touch, the new FS-Combi coating with a »cooler« touch.
Bright and brilliant reflection in natural colours
thanks to an optimal reflection spectrum.

High sight comfort
gentle to the eye and good for fatigue-proof working.

Easy cleaning
due to the anti-stick effect of the special
 front surface coating

Unlimited resistance
against disinfection and sterilisation, even against
acid containing refresh liquids.


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