Portable Phlegm Suction Unit Emergency Medical Vacuum Aspirator Machine
Lightweight Portable Suction Machine is a newly designed for oil-free lubrication pump, so that the environment from oil mist pollution. It is specially designed for absorbing thick liquid such as blood, phlegm etc. it is not only used as aspirator...
$478.00 $339.00
Dental Cordless LED Curing Light
The Dental Cordless LED Curing Light is a sophisticated tool designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern dental practices. Combining advanced technology with ergonomic design, this device offers dentists precise control and reliable performance during dental procedures. Utilizing LED...
$99.99 $79.99
Dental YG-100 Amalgamator Amalgam Capsule Mixer
The Amalgamator represents a cutting-edge solution in dental equipment, boasting a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled system that guarantees precise and consistent mixing. Its versatile oscillating range, spanning from 2800 to 4700 rpm and adjustable time settings from 3 to 60 seconds, caters...
Digital Amalgamator Amalgam Mixer Capsule Lab Equipment
The Digital Amalgamator Amalgam Mixer Capsule Lab Equipment stands as a pinnacle of technological advancement in dental laboratories. Designed to meticulously blend dental amalgam capsules, this equipment exemplifies precision and efficiency in amalgamation processes. Its digital interface offers intuitive controls,...
$209.00 $188.00
Portable Dental Unit Foldable Dental Chair Patient Chair
The Portable Dental Unit with a Foldable Dental Chair is a revolutionary solution in mobile dental care, providing flexibility and convenience for dental professionals. This compact and versatile unit is designed for easy transport and quick setup, making it ideal...
$1,350.00 $1,200.00
Woodpecker UDS-P Ultrasonic Scaler ( With 5 Periodontal Tips And 1 Endodontic Tip)
The Woodpecker UDS-P Ultrasonic Scaler is a cutting-edge dental tool designed to elevate professional oral care. This precision instrument comes equipped with five periodontal tips and one endodontic tip, ensuring versatility in addressing various dental needs. The ultrasonic scaler operates...
$724.00 $440.00
DYNAMIC Dental Portable Unit with Suction: - High and Low speed straight pipes - Saliva suction with control - 3 way syringe, 4 holes - Suction and clear bottle systems - Dimension 55*42*76 cm
$1,950.00 $1,540.00
Woodpecker LED-B Dental Wireless LED Curing Light Lamp
The Woodpecker LED-B Dental Wireless LED Curing Light Lamp is a cutting-edge tool designed to meet the precise needs of dental professionals. This innovative device incorporates advanced LED technology to deliver optimal curing performance for dental composites. Its wireless design...
$174.00 $140.00
UDS-E LED Ultrasonic Scaler - Ultrasonic Cavitron Unit
UDS-E LED Ultrasonic Scaler, a state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Cavitron Unit designed for optimal precision and performance. This advanced scaler features LED illumination, providing enhanced visibility during dental procedures. With its ultrasonic technology, the UDS-E efficiently removes calculus and plaque, offering a...
$980.00 $649.00
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Portable Mobile Dental Unit
The Portable Mobile Dental Unit represents a revolutionary solution in dental care, designed to meet the needs of practitioners who require flexibility and mobility without compromising on quality. This innovative unit integrates essential dental equipment into a compact and portable...
$1,750.00 $1,499.00
Dental Home Unit With Curing Light And scaler
Mobile Portable Turbine Unit With Dental Curing Light Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece Air Compressor
$2,450.00 $1,799.00
Piezo Scaling Tip, S P3 Universal, 1/Pk, USP3
Eliminates light deposits in shallow to moderate pockets Indicated for post-periodontal treatments Stainless steel combination optimizes vibration Offers effective scaling
$94.00 $49.00
Woodpecker Dental Piezo Electric Ultrasonic Scaler Hand piece
HW-3H Detachable scaler handpiece for Woodpecker UDS series  Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler Features 1.FDA, CE certificated 2.Detachable handpiece 3.One Year quality guaranteed 4.Compatible with EMS/Woodpecker scaler 5.Brand new and Factory direct 6.Autoclavable under the high temperature of 135°C and pressure of...
$348.00 $189.00
Micro Torch
$89.00 $56.99
Micro Torch
A hand held, self-igniting, butane powered microtorch creates a precise flame emitting from a nozzle head, allowing direct heat application to an object.
$89.00 $56.99
Doctors Cam Wireless Intra Oral Camera
  WIRELESS INTRAORAL HIGH DEFINITION CAMERA Enjoy Wireless & Auto Focus Autofocus Intraoral Camera with mouse High Speed Digital Wireless High speed digital wireless provide a clearer live image without interference Auto Focus Real Autofocus function, semi-focus also available HD...
$3,750.00 $2,990.00
WOlfLight Cure-FX LED Curing Light
The WOlfLight Cure-FX LED Curing Light is a cutting-edge tool designed to meet the demanding needs of dental professionals. With its high power output, reaching a maximum intensity of 2,000mW/cm2, this device ensures effective and predictable curing, essential for successful...
$569.00 $499.00
Appledent LED Curing Light C10 3" Cured (Dental Light Cure Gun)
Appledent Light Curing Unit is used for polymerization of light cure resin-based composites.It can also be used on several different dental materials that are curable by light. The light used falls under the visible blue light spectrum. Product Description :- Best...
$299.00 $249.00
Woodpecker Dental LED Curing Light Teeth Whitening High-Intensity LED.F
Woodpecker Dental LED Curing Light, a cutting-edge solution for effective teeth whitening and dental procedures. This high-intensity LED light offers unparalleled performance, ensuring optimal curing for dental materials. With its advanced technology, the Woodpecker Curing Light provides reliable and efficient...
Woodpecker Woodpex III Endodontic Apex Locator, Root Canal Finder Measure
The Woodpecker Woodpex III Endodontic Apex Locator stands as a pinnacle of precision in the realm of dental equipment. Designed to aid in root canal procedures, this device offers unparalleled accuracy in determining the exact location of the tooth's apex,...
$589.00 $495.00
Woodpecker Curing Mini S Light Curve Unit
Woodpecker Curing Mini S Light Curve Unit, a state-of-the-art device designed to elevate your dental practice. This compact yet powerful curing unit is equipped with advanced LED technology, ensuring efficient and reliable polymerization for dental composites. Its ergonomic design and...
$329.00 $239.00
Woodpecker U6 LED Dental Ultrasonic Scaler HW-6L Handpiece Comfortable Scaling
The Woodpecker U6 LED Dental Ultrasonic Scaler, featuring the HW-6L handpiece, represents a pinnacle of innovation in dental care equipment. Designed with precision and comfort in mind, this scaler offers dental professionals a reliable and efficient tool for scaling procedures....
$599.00 $499.99
Dental Automatic Handpiece Maintenance Lubrication System/High Low Handpiece
The Dental Automatic Handpiece Maintenance Lubrication System/High Low Handpiece is a sophisticated solution designed to streamline the upkeep of dental handpieces, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Engineered with precision, this system integrates automatic lubrication functionalities, eliminating the need for manual...
$840.00 $599.00
Dental Practice Training Phantom Manikin Head Typodont Compatible Nissin Kilgore
The Dental Practice Training Phantom Manikin Head, Typodont Compatible with Nissin Kilgore, is a state-of-the-art educational tool designed to elevate dental training experiences. This meticulously crafted manikin head provides a realistic and anatomically accurate simulation, offering dental students a hands-on...

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