#17 Dressing Pliers
College Serrated Handle 15cm.DA-2457
$10.00 $8.00
0 Premolars Rubber Dam Clamp
The 0 Premolars Rubber Dam Clamp offers superior performance for longer premolars with its flat jaws and high bow design. It provides a secure grip without compromising the clamp's strength, giving you reliable results every time.
$11.00 $8.00
11 Anterior Root Canal Plugger
11 Anterior Root Canal Anterior Root Canal Plugger used to compact filling material during vertical condensation. Marked at 5 mm intervals to assess penetration depth.
114 Johnson Contouring Plier
DA-8245 13cmJohnson Contouring PlierOne concave and one convex tip for contouringand adapting band or crown.
$45.00 $37.00
15/16 Kirkland DE Knife
DA-2838 15/16 Kirkland DE Knife, Black Line, featuring a non-reflective surface and improved contrast between tissue/instrument blade. Used for bevel incisions during gengivectomy procedures.
151 Cryer Forceps
DA-1651  Fig No:151 Presidential Lower Incisors, Canines, Premolars, and Roots; Universal Forceps used for extracting teeth from the alveolar bone.
16 Goldman-Fox Super-Cut Scissors
   Goldman-Fox Super-Cut scissors with 1 serrated blade used for trimming tissue or cutting sutures. Featuring tapered blade tips, tips that are not sharp on outside and are used as tonotomy scissors. 12.5cm
$146.00 from $28.00
16 Instrument Cassette
16 Instruments Cassette With Partition  Dent Art  Cassettes are made of long-lasting, low-maintenance stainless steel. Soft, colored silicone rails securely hold instruments throughout the processing cycle. 
$112.00 $75.00
1870+ N95 Mask
3M 1870+ N95 Particulate Respirator, 07023(AAD) (Box of 20)Details NIOSH Approved: N95 FDA Cleared for use as a surgical mask Fluid resistant and disposable Flat-fold design and individual packaging Embossed top panel helps reduce eyewear fogging Sculpted top panel allows...
$187.00 $52.00
1C Coupland Gouge Elevator
Used to loosen the tooth from the periodontal ligament and ease extraction, 4.3mm wide tip.
$37.00 $26.00
1Dia C Diamond Composite Polisher
One Step Diamond Composite Polishers-auto1Dia CPack of 6Size: 7.0 x 10.0 mmRA-Latch Shank
1DIAD Diamond Composite Polisher
One Step Diamond Composite Polishers-auto1DIADPack of 6Size: 11.0 x 1.0 mmRA-Latch Shank
1DIAF Diamond Composite Polisher
One Step Diamond Composite Polishers-autoFG-1DIAFPack of 6Size: 3.0 x 6.0 mmFG Shank (Friction Grip, High Speed Handpiece)
1DIAF Diamond Composite Polisher
One Step Diamond Composite Polishers-auto1DIAFPack of 6Size: 3.0 x 6.0 mmRA-Latch Shank
1DIAF2 Diamond Composite Polisher
One Step Diamond Composite Polishers-auto1DIAF2Pack of 6Size: 5.0 x 10.0 mmRA-Latch Shank
1DIAF3 Diamond Composite Polisher
One Step Diamond Composite Polishers-auto1DIAF3Pack of 6Size: 4.0 x 10.0 mmRA-Latch Shank
2 Gardner Bone Chisel
DA-2946 The 2 Gardner Bone Chisel is used to shave bone with a 4mm mono-bevel tip. Made with surgical grade stainless steel.  
2 Heidbrink Root Tip Pick
RTP left DA-23432 Heidbrink Root Tip PickThe Heidbrink root tip picks are designed for delicate root teasing procedures. They are also available in a "heavy" pattern for more substantial root tip removal procedures.  
20 Instrument Cassette
20 Instruments Cassette With Partition  15X8X1.5 Inch 
$112.00 $82.00

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