STAINLESS STEEL HAND FILES Designed to clean and shape root canals Produced to give operators a smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation.Exceeds all ISO/ADA specifications. Stainless steel files with endo stops.
$13.99 $12.49
Earloop Mask( 50-pkt)
EARLOOP MASKS These Earloop Masks are ideal for simple, low-risk procedures involving spray and spatters moisture and light dust. This economic alternative is constructed with an inner and outer layer with an ultrasonically sealed soft, stretchy, latex free earloops for...
$8.50 $4.99
Wizard Wedges
Wedges ensure better access and stable holding of matrix systems during critical restorative procedures. Specially crafted from birch wood for greater tooth separation and faster, better tooth position recovery upon removal.
$34.50 from $29.99
Filtek Supreme Compules
Z350 Filtek Supreme Capsules Body. Universal Restorative, "True" Nanotechnology, Radiopaque. Box of 20 - 0.20 Gm. Capsules. Exceptional esthetics Excellent polish retention Exceptional handling Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior
#17 Dressing Pliers
College Serrated Handle 15cm.DA-2457
$12.50 $9.75
Nitrile Gloves
Nitrite Gloves 100 /PkThis non-sterile glove features an advanced stretch formulation providing you with the ultimate comfort and fit. With its high strength and excellent protection features, this glove is ideal for nearly all clinical settings.KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS:• Advanced...
$16.50 $9.99
Amalgam Permite
Permite -Regualr -2 Spill - Amalgam   10/PK 
20 Instrument Cassette
20 Instruments Cassette With Partition  14 X9X1.5 Inch 
$149.00 $109.00
Plastic Filling Instrument 4 F Tuff
PFI -4F Tufts Stainless Steel  Titanium Coated Composite/Plastic Filling Instrument PFI-4F Tufls This Stainless Steel Composite/Plastic Filling Instrument PFI-4F Tufls have highly polished tips used for composite placement and contouring. Specifications: Material – Stainless Steel (Rust Resistant/Non-magnet) Tip Type: French...
$32.00 $26.00
FG330 Carbide Burs
FG330Friction GripHEAD SIZE(mm):0.8CUTTING LENGTH(mm):1.6FRICTION GRIPSHANK SIZE (mm):1.6Total Length (mm):19-21Pack of 10Pack of 100
from $20.00
FG245 Carbide Burs
 FG245HEAD SIZE(mm):0.9CUTTING LENGTH(mm):2.7FRICTION GRIPSHANK SIZE (mm):1.6Total Length (mm):19-21Pack of 10Pack of 100
$145.00 from $20.00
Composite Gun
Dental Composite Gun for Unidose Compules Uni Dose Applicator Dispenser
$48.00 $34.00
Hu-Friedy Marginal Trimmer MT28& MT28 gingival margin trimmer mesial and distal
$52.50 $49.99
Mirror Handle MH7- Huf Friedy
    Cone Socket Mirror, ergonomic handle. Satin Steel™Colours.Cone Socket Mirror Handle used with Single and Double-Sided Cone Socket Mirrors. The blunt end of the mirror handle is ideal for testing sensitivity to percussion and assessing tooth mobility.ND  
$18.00 from $7.00
Crown Holding Plier
Dental Crown Holding Forceps  multi-functional crown holder for the dental technician and laboratory.  The plier is made of fibre-glass and is bend and heat resistant (up to 220°C/430°F).for the exact hold, smoothing, finishing and polishingto fix single crowns in the...
$39.00 $34.50
Micro Iris Scissor
Micro Iris Scissor  11cmStraight DA-4250Curved DA-4251
$19.00 $16.00
Mirror Head 12/Box Cone Socket - Front Surface
Cone Socket Mirror No.5Made In Germany 12 Pic / Box TOPvision FS Mouth MirrorsThe TOPvision FS is the alternative to the TOPvision FS Rhodium. Rhodium is even more expensive than gold. In order to offer a more favourable front surface mouth...
$34.50 from $2.75
Dispensing Gun
  Fitting mixing gun, Size:19 x 18 x 6cm/ 7.48" x 7.09" x 2.36", Tube cartridges capacity: 50ml It's suit for 50ml kits, works with Loctite, Devcon, Araldite, Gorilla, and others with standard 50ml cartridges Don't be distracted by the...
$74.00 $48.00
Isolated Gown
Isolated Gown  blue Color Knit cuff, latex free, fluid resistant and fire retard Soft smooth and with non-woven material Provides maximum protection and extra coverage with back-tie  
$6.99 $1.49
William Probe PQW6
Hu- Friedy   William Probe - 1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10
$52.50 $46.50
Matrix Retainer
Matrix Retainer Toflimier Universal Adult Tofflemire-Universal
$19.00 from $18.00

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