Solfex Kit
3M ESPE Sof-Lex Kit Extra Thin Contouring & Polishing Kit 240 Discs #2380 Product Description Sof-Lex XT Extra Thin Pop-On Contouring and Polishing Disc Kit Contains 30 each of the .375 and .50 flexible backing discs in the Coarse, Medium, Fine and Superfine...
$179.99 $169.99
Mandrel ,RA, 3/Pk
$29.99 $19.99
Enhance Finishing 30-Box
The Enhance Finishing and Polishing System combines products designed to finish and polish all types of resin restoratives. The Enhance finishing disc, cups and points are abrasive, flexible devices which complete intermediate and final finishing without the need to change...
$94.00 $79.99
Soflex Strips
PRODUCT INFORMATION Soflex Strips 1954 150/bx - 3M Sof-Lex finishing and polishing strips are designed to help prevent interproximal plaque buildup for superior finishing and polishing results. Benefits Easy-to-use system allows you to create smooth proximal surfaces. Strips are gapped...
Soflex Disk01
Solfex Disk 1/2" 3M Sof-Lex soflex Discs Pack of 30 , 12.7 mm  Time-proven results…Time-saving advantages Easy-to-use discs are versatile for the various surfaces of the teeth. Patented disc eyelets and mandrels simply pop on and then pop off with...
Interproximal Reduction Gauge Kit
PR Gauge Kit -A stainless steel measurements gauge to confirm the  correct Interproximal gap.Supplied in 6 different thicknesses : 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm & 0.5 mm (Autoclavable)
$79.00 $59.99
Separating Abrasive Strips
Separating Abrasives strips are used to reduce and/or shape the interproximal area. Each strip is made of durable diamond abrasive which has been electronically bonded to surgical grade steel base so strips resist stretching, breaking and corrosion. Strips are .003"...
    Stainless Steel RA Shank For Straight Handpiece Pack Of 5
Polishing and Finishing Discs are made of flexible polyester and impregnated with Aluminum Oxide. Its exposed metalless surface allows for easier and safer work Features: Flexible disc Safe non-metal center providing easier interproximal access and fast polishing. Single use design...
$49.00 $34.00
Super-Snap Buff Disk – Replacement Disks, 50-Pkg
The improved design of the mandrel for Super-Snap Disks and Buff Disks creates a secure seating of the disk onto the mandrel. Regards
Solfex Disk
3M   Sof-Lex and Sof-Lex XT Pop-On Discs 85/BagSoflex
Scotch Briter
Hatho® Miniature Scotch Brite™ wheels are used to polish surfaces without ruining delicate anatomical surfaces on dental appliances. By using low speeds – around 5,000 rpm – and light pressure the acrylic should not overheat due to friction. 10 Pic Pack 
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