Cotton Roll
 Cotton Rolls #2, 2000/Box
Head Cover
Bouffant Caps 21", 100/PkBouffant Caps, 100/PkColour may be white or blue
Disposable Plastic Dapen Dish
Disposable Plastic Dappen Dishes feature a wide steady design and side tab that bends up into a handle. Besides holding prophy paste, chemical resistant plastic makes them ideal for mixing acrylics and amalgams, resins, sealants and other materials. 100 per box...
Cotton Tipped Applicators 1000/Bx
Highly absorbent applicators for applying topical anesthetic or medications, cleaning wounds and taking cultures.
from $7.00
Tray Liner
$31.00 $25.00
Tray Liner
Tray Covers Paper Size Ritter B 1000/Cs
$31.00 $25.00
Mixing Wells
disposable Mixing Wells are used for mixing dental products. 200/Box - 2 Hole400/Box - 4 Hole
$45.00 $28.00
Crystal Tip Type Air-Water Tips Plastic Core 250-Pk
  Disposable air/water syringe tips with a clear plastic exterior and a stainless steel interior. They are interchangeable with most metal tips, with no conversion necessary. A groove in the tip ensures a snug, locking fit so that the tip...
Level 1 Isolation Gowns (50 per box) *Lightweight*
PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT LEVEL 1 ISOLATION GOWNS (50 PER BOX) *LIGHTWEIGHT* Introducing our Level 1 Isolation Gowns - the ultimate solution for medical professionals, caregivers, and anyone who needs to protect themselves against fluids and contaminants. Our gowns are made...
$73.00 $38.00
Syringe Sleeves
Air/Water Syringe Sleeves, Clear, 2.50" x 10", Box of 500 Sleeves.
Cotton Pallets
100% cotton pellets are designed to provide outstanding quality and absorbency in a variety of uses.
$12.00 $10.00
Safe Bib Holder Box/250 - (Comparable to Dux Bib-Eze)
Single Use Disposable Paper Bib Holders 250/Box. Lightweight Stretchable Paper with Self-Adhesive ends.
NeoDrys Saliva Absorbents 50/Box
Maximize efficiency and procedure effectiveness by controlling the risk of parotid saliva contamination, while providing outstanding cheek protection. Color coded for quick identification.
$22.00 $19.00
Shoe Cover
100/Pk Made of .blue CPE co-polymer polyethylene and has an elastic top.
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