Kromopan 100 Chromatic Alginate Refill, Type 1
Kromopan® is a type 1 chromatic alginate specifically studied for applications where longer working time is essential. The color-changing phase indicator (purple/pink/white) guarantees perfect mixing and timely insertion in the oral cavity. Indications: mobile prosthesis, removable and fixed prostheses antagonist,...
VPS Putty
Putty | Base & Catalyst | Mark3 (2 x 300ml) Price Point in Category: LowPrice per ML: $0.12Package Contents: 300ml Base & 300ml CatalystManufacturer: Mark3Country of Origin: USAProduct Description:Features: Precise detail reproduction Good dimensional stability Fast and Regular working times Excellent elastic recovery Made in...
$71.00 $61.00
Impregum™ Soft Polyether Impression Material Quick Step Tray Material Refill
Description Impregum™ Garant Soft polyether impression material gives accurate detail in moist conditions. Great for crown, bridge, inlays, onlays, functional and implant impressions. Better initial hydrophilicity to provide void-free impressions in moist conditions Soft polyether is ultra forgiving; it will...
$180.00 $165.00
Tropicalgin Three-Phase Chromatic Alginate – 453 g Bag, Normal Setting
Description Tropicalgin is a 3-phase chromatic alginate indicated for removable prostheses, study models, antagonists in fixed and removable prostheses. Easy mixing and dust free Red phase: mixing, light orange phase: working, yellow phase: time in mouth Fast water absorption Homogenous...
$29.00 $20.00
Affinis Heavy Body 2 X 75Ml
  2 × 75 ml Cartridge, 12 × Mixing Tip Turquoise 50 / 75ml Cartridge system The standard dispenser can be used to fill the impression tray directly from the cartridge or for syringing intra-orally around the preparations. Affinis is a...
$105.00 $74.00
Green Wax Impression Compound Stick
Green Wax Impression Compound Stick that molds at 122-124 degree Fahrenheit (50-510 Celsius), box of 15 sticks (.25-pound) of compound.
$53.00 $43.00
Flexitime Heavy Tray
Flexitime Refill 50mL Heavy Tray 2/BxFlexitime is the impression material that puts you in control, with the perfect impression solution for all common indications and techniques. Take as little as 30 seconds of working time for routine cases or take...
$81.00 $61.00
Mark 3 Bite Registration 2 x 50ml Cartridge +6 Mixing Tips
Bite Registration VPS 2/pk 50ml - MARK3MARK3 VPS Bite Registration is a premium product for conventional bite registrations. MARK3 VPS Bite Registration prioritizes consistency, convenience, and comfort for both the dentist and the patient. Formulated specifically to provide dependable and...
$42.00 $38.00
Light Body Impression Material
VPS Impression Material 4/PkMARK3 VPS Impression Material provides consistently reliable and accurate impressions. Formulated specifically to ensure maximum convenience for the dentist, comfort for the patient, and supreme accuracy. Features a high performing cartridge system with smooth and easy dispensing.  
$43.00 from $8.00
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