Buccal Tubes
Bondable Non-Convertible are One Piece Tubes. Tubes are made from MIM technology. Tubes are Bondable Cum Weldable, Single TubePrescription -.22, Roth5/PkMade In USA
$29.00 $22.00
Retainer Wire
 Permanent retention is greatly enhanced using a flattened, dead soft 8-braided wire. Intra-arch splinting with this thin ribbon arch prevents torque control problems that can occur using a round braided wire for these procedures.When bonded on the lingual of the...
The Next Generation in Lingual RetentionOrtho-FlexTech™ is intended to be used for retaining tooth position after orthodontic treatment. This NEW! Stainless Steel version has 30% Increased Tensile Strength and 300% increased Torsional Strength- 30" Chain - Makes 25 cuspid to cuspid retainers!-...
$119.99 $109.00
Transbond XT Kit
Description Photopolymerizable one-component orthodontic composite. Suitable for the adhesion of metal and ceramic brackets. The light-curing adhesive Transbond ™ XT is suitable for both metal and ceramic brackets. Available in syringes and capsules, its photocuring technology gives you more time...
Distal End Cutter
DA-8189 12.5cmDistal End Cutter Safety HoldThis Standard Cutter Easily Cuts distal ends.The inserted blade design will make cuts within0.5mm of the buccal tube.and catches wire fragmentswith a safety hold feature.For round or rectangular wiresup to .022" x .028"
Bondable Buttons
Single Piece Buttons Manufactured with MIM technology in biocompatible alloy with a very low nickel content. The Extremo No-Nickel Base, anatomical and with micro highly retentive cavities, perfectly fits the on tooth and ensures an excellent bond with the use...
$39.00 $29.99
Transbond XT Syringe
Transbond XT Syringe Kit 4 Grame Syringe X 4 
Hard Wire cutter
DA-8188 14cmHard Wire cutter 15 well designed for hard wire.Heavy duty cutting surface easily cuts wiresstrong enough to bend archwire ends after distalcutting.Cuts Wire up to .022" x .028"
Weingat Plier Slim Tips
DA-8229 13.5cmWeingat Plier Slim TipsThe Fully Serrated tips allow for a secure grip ofarchwires and auxiliriees without damage,Tips are curvedgently to form a convenient working angle and ensure lip andtissue safety.For use with round or rectangular wires up to.016" x...
Ball Hook Crimping Plier
DA-8225 12cm Ball Hook Crimping Plier Str This plier designed to crimp auxiliary stops,hooks and posts to archwires.The slotted design fits over the base of the hook while holding it tight during .
Bird Beak Loop Forming Plier
DA-8209 12.5cmBird Beak Loop Forming PlierThe extremely popular and versatile utility plierdesigned for working round wire up .030". Tipsare specially designed to prevent wire scoring.  Sizes:
Bracket Removing
DA-8198 12.5cmBracket Removing CurvedAngled head allows for easy access to difficultposterior areas.Align the tips between the edgesof the bracket base and the tooth surface to quicklyand safely remove brackets.tungsten inserted tipsfor increased sharpness & long life
Enlight Light Cure Adhesive
EnLight Orthodontic Adhesive 4g + Solo Bond 5 mlEnlight Bonding SystemHighly filled light-cure adhesive. Bis-GMA resin for superb handling characteristics, easy cleaning. Highly active initiater system supports reduced cure times.Tooth preparation Place the lip/cheek retractor and saliva ejector in the...
$99.99 $89.99
Blue Band Lok Cement
ULTRA BAND-LOK LUER LOC PUSH SYRINGE 1) 5g push syringe with (10) 15-gauge luer loc tips.All Purpose Cement: Ultra Band-Lok® can also be used to bond brackets, lingual retainers and large acrylic appliances. When bonding these appliances, you must first etch...
$69.00 $54.99
Swivel Head Bracket Height Gauge
bracket height measurements: 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0.Adjustable for use on both anterior and posterior teeth.Hinged tip adjustable to 90°.Works with .022 and .018 bracket systems.Autoclavable up to 370°F/188°C
$39.99 $34.50
Plain Band
Plain Band - to protect the tooth from the deep scratch 
Mathiew Plier
DA-8274 14cm StraightSmaha Mathieu Delicate SerratedExcellent for placing elastomeric ligatures.DA-8275 14cmMathieu Hook Tip Plierfor placing elastomeric  ligatures.DA-8276 14cmMathieu Hole Tip Plierfor placing elastomericligatures.
Ortho Elastic Separators - 1000 Pic Pack
Ligature Ties
Our High Quality Ligatures are Low Friction Ties. Packaged in bag of 42 sticks with 24 ties on each stick. These ties  are the best way to make a fashion statement with your patients' braces! Designs and colors for the...
Retention Wire
Flat Woven Wire for RetainerIdeal to get minimally invasive and resistant splinting. The high plasticity of the wire permits the exact fit to the anatomy of the tongue while  its woven geomerty favors the union with the composite
$69.99 $59.99
Beta Blue-TMA Arches Wire
Beta Blue Arches - RectangularMade from high quality nickel-free Beta C Titanium, our carefully processed BetaBlue Arches feature force levels that fall between Nickel Titanium and Stainless Steel ? the wire of choice when the forces of Stainless Steel are...

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