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Short Fusion Anterior Matrix Bands (quantity of 50)

$85.00 $99.00

Short Fusion Anterior Matrix Bands (quantity of 50)

The Fusion™ Anterior Matrix contains a myriad of refinements to help you recreate ideal interproximal anatomy quickly and confidently.

• Only 0.0015” – signficantly thinner than strips to facilitate better interproximal contact.
• Firm stainless steel resists deformation both during placement and while compressing composite into the preparation.
• Easy to slide into the sulcus for deeper restorations.
• Ideal anatomic curvature in the gingival-incisal direction AND facial-lingual.
• Far superior to strips when restoring large or deep carious lesions.

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    Short Fusion Anterior Matrix Bands (quantity of 50)
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