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Strata-G Wide Prep Ring: 2 per package

$260.00 $275.00

Strata-G Wide Prep Ring: 2 per package

Strong tooth separation yet easier to open!
Nitinol drawn-wire nickel titanium is aligned at the molecular level for superior performance yet requires less effort to
open. Garrison’s proprietary StrataSet™ treatment maximizes the longevity of this advanced material.

More uses!

The PEEK ultra-durable reinforcement on the back of the ring allows Strata-G™ to retain a higher percentage of initial strength for much longer than non-reinforced rings. Proprietary StrataBond™
silicone/PEEK tips withstand hundreds of applications.
Improved anatomy—Unbeatable grip


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    Strata-G Wide Prep Ring: 2 per package
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