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Cruing Light WOlfLight Cure-FX

$375.00 $428.00


WOlfLight  Cure-FX  LED curing light

  • High power for effective and predictable curing
  • Maximum light intensity output of 2,000mW/cm2
  • Dual-wavelength for all light-cured dental materials
    Ergonomic 9.5 mm Head size
  • Cordless
  • Ergonomic

WOlfLight Cure-FX polymerizes safely, efficiently and reliably


  • A high-intensity 2,000 mW/cm2 output shortens curing times and ensures thorough polymerization
  • 360° swivel aluminum head
  • Ergonomic head size with a 10.5 mm active curing diameter to cover bigger restorations combined with an excellent beam collimation for reliable curing
  • Sate of the art optics, 3LED's with dual wavelength efficiently polymerize ALL dental materials (broadband 385-515nm curing spectrum)
  • 5W high-power blue and violet LEDs for deep and uniform curing:

    • 2 Blue LEDs target camphoroquinone, the photo-initiator for most resins
    • 1 Violet LED targets polymeric amines found in adhesive resins

  • Long life battery: a full charge offers more than 500 consecutive 10 second cures

  • Ergonomic: light and elegant handpiece readily accesses ALL curing sites with maximum comfort for patient and clinician
  • Transillumination mode (Check mode) allows the diagnostic of cracked teeth and to visualize endodontic access
  • Built-in radiometer provides continuous clinical monitoring of output intensity to ensure the appropriate energy for a reliable cure
  • Effective curing modes:
    - Turbo Mode: 1800-2000mW/cm2 for 1s and 3s curing
    - Full Mode: 1200mW/cm2 for 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s curing
    - Ramp Mode:1st 5 s –1000-1200mW/cm2, next 5s – 10s,  15s, 20s 1200mW/ cm2
    - Check Mode: Low intensity mode for detecting cracked teeth and endo access

  1. Tested Curing times and Curing Length 



    Curing Length

    1 second


    3.2 mm

    3 seconds


    4 mm

    10 seconds


    4.8 mm

    Tested using Phil Nano composite

    Tested according to ISO 4049: 2019

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    Cruing Light WOlfLight Cure-FX
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