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Heat Activated NiTi Wire- Rectangular

$16.00 $22.00
Upper or Lower :
Heat Activated NiTi Arches Size :
Rectangular Heat Activated NiTi Arches, Natural Form 
Try our best-selling Heat Activated NiTi Arches, featuring lower force levels than our SuperElastic NiTi, ensuring maximum patient comfort while delivering optimal, more efficient tooth movement. Soft and pliable at room temperature, our copper-free, easy to bend Heat Activated NiTi reacts to heat in the patient's mouth, exerting a gentle, continuous force as it returns to its original shape for superior treatment results. Gentle force delivery allows larger wires to be engaged earlier in treatment for early torque control with minimum patient discomfort. For example, a .016 x .022 rectangular Heat Activated NiTi arch has approximately the same force as a .016 round SuperElastic NiTi arch.
Form - Natural
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