Kooliner Professional Pack
This hard denture reline material increases patient comfort by being formulated for reduced exothermic heat. It is dense and color-fast while completely curing in the patient's mouth in approximately 10 minutes. The professional package includes 3 oz. of powder, 2...
Coe Tray Cleaner
One refill bottle of powder 575g.?Coe Tray Cleaner mixes easily with water to remove alginate, wax, and material compounds from metal trays and instruments. This product cleans in as little as 15 minutes.
$64.50 $54.99
Jet Tooth Shade - Powder, 16oz - 67
This powder only, self-cure acrylic resin for temporary crowns and bridges produces long term color stable results. It has long term color stability while also being incredibly durable and easy to polish and trim. This product includes 16 oz of...
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