A13 835/012
A13 835/012HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):4Pack of 5
A13S 835/010
 A13S 835/010HEAD SIZE(mm):1.0HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):4Pack of 5
A13SS 835/009
  A13SS 835/009HEAD SIZE(mm):0.9HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):3Pack of 5
A12 835/008
A12 835/008HEAD SIZE(mm):0.8HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):3.5Pack of 5
B1Q 837L/018
  B1Q 837L/018HEAD SIZE(mm):1.8HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):10Pack of 5
B1L3 842/014
B1L3 842/014  HEAD SIZE(mm):1.4HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):12 Pack of 5
B1N 837L/016
B1N 837L/016HEAD SIZE(mm):1.6HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):10Pack of 5
B1M 837L/012
B1M 837L/012HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):10Pack of 5
Dental Diamond Burns B1LL 837/018 - Flat End Cylinder 5/PK
Diamond Burns B1LL 837/018 Super Coarse (X C) with a Flat End Cylinder, available in a pack of 5. This diamond bur is a superior tool designed for precision and efficiency in dental procedures. With a super coarse grit, it...
B1L 837/016 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs- Flat End Cylinder, 5/Pack
B1L 837/016 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs. This pack includes five Flat End Cylinder burs, designed for versatile applications in dentistry. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these diamond burs ensure efficient tooth preparation and contouring. The flat end cylinder...
B1 836/014
B1 836/014HEAD SIZE(mm):1.4HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):7Pack of 5
B1S 836/012 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs Flat End Cylinder - 5/Pack
Introducing the B1S 836/012 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs Flat End Cylinder - a superior choice for precision dental procedures. This pack includes five high-quality diamond burs designed for multi-use applications. The flat end cylinder shape ensures versatility in various dental...
A13SL 837/010
   A13SL 837/010HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):8Pack of 5
$19.00 $15.00
A14M 835/016
 A14M 835/016HEAD SIZE(mm):1.6HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):4Pack of 5
A14 835/014
A14 835/014HEAD SIZE(mm):1.4HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):5Pack of 5
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