C15RSS 379/014
  C15RSS 379/014HEAD SIZE(mm):1.4HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):2.8Pack of 5
$17.00 $15.00
C15R 379/023
C15R 379/023HEAD SIZE(mm):2.3HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):5Pack of 5
C15RMS 379/021
 C15RMS 379/021HEAD SIZE(mm):2.1HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):3.8Pack of 5
C15RS 379/018
C15RS 379/018HEAD SIZE(mm):1.8HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):3.4Pack of 5
Dental Diamond Burns - Egg (C15RS1 379/016) Extra Fine (p)- 5/Pck
The Dental Diamond Burrs - Egg (C15RS1 379/016) in an extra fine grit (p) are a vital addition to any dental practice. This pack of five diamond burrs, known for their precision and durability, ensures efficient and accurate dental procedures....
C15RS3 379/012
 C15RS3 379/012HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):2.8Pack of 5
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