Dental Super Elastic Stainless Steel/Niti Arch Wires- Round
The Dental Super Elastic Stainless Steel/Niti Arch Wires - Round represents a significant advancement in orthodontic technology, offering practitioners a versatile solution for various dental applications. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and Nitinol (Nickel Titanium) alloy, these arch wires boast...
$29.00 $19.00
Niti Archwire Super Elastic Ovoid - Round Shape
The Niti Archwire Super Elastic Ovoid-Round Shape represents a pinnacle of orthodontic technology, designed to optimize dental realignment with precision and comfort. Crafted from nickel-titanium alloy, this archwire embodies superior elasticity, allowing it to exert consistent yet gentle forces on...
$29.00 $19.00
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