Wizard Wedges
Wedges ensure better access and stable holding of matrix systems during critical restorative procedures. Specially crafted from birch wood for greater tooth separation and faster, better tooth position recovery upon removal.
$34.50 from $29.99
Sycamore Wedges 100-Bx
Assorted  Wedges  -  400/Pk15 Blue  -    10013T Green - 10013 Yellow - 100UT ( Orange ) - 100BY Premier 
Tofflemire matrix bands
Tofflemire matrix bands144/Pk#1 adult universal bands#2 adult MOD wide bands#3 adult MOD narrow bands#13 pedo universal bands
FenderWedge Assortment Kit 144/Bx. 36 wedges of each size. Designed to protect adjacent teeth during Class II preparation. Built-in 0.08mm thin stainless steel protective plate shields adjacent surfaces from bur contact. Besides protecting healthy tissue, its wedge component aids in...
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