Earloop Mask( 50-pkt)
EARLOOP MASKS These Earloop Masks are ideal for simple, low-risk procedures involving spray and spatters moisture and light dust. This economic alternative is constructed with an inner and outer layer with an ultrasonically sealed soft, stretchy, latex free earloops for...
Composite Gun
Dental Composite Gun for Unidose Compules Uni Dose Applicator Dispenser
$48.00 $34.00
Solfex Kit
3M ESPE Sof-Lex Kit Extra Thin Contouring & Polishing Kit 240 Discs #2380 Product Description Sof-Lex XT Extra Thin Pop-On Contouring and Polishing Disc Kit Contains 30 each of the .375 and .50 flexible backing discs in the Coarse, Medium, Fine and Superfine...
$179.99 $169.99
Matrix Sectional Contoured
100Pcs Dental Matrix Sectional Contoured Metal Matrices No.1.398lmws 35um Hard C2 Sectional Metrix Ring Included
Isolated Gown
Isolated Gown  blue Color Knit cuff, latex free, fluid resistant and fire retard Soft smooth and with non-woven material Provides maximum protection and extra coverage with back-tie  
$6.99 $1.99
Enhance Finishing 30-Box
The Enhance Finishing and Polishing System combines products designed to finish and polish all types of resin restoratives. The Enhance finishing disc, cups and points are abrasive, flexible devices which complete intermediate and final finishing without the need to change...
$94.00 $79.99
Soflex Strips
PRODUCT INFORMATION Soflex Strips 1954 150/bx - 3M Sof-Lex finishing and polishing strips are designed to help prevent interproximal plaque buildup for superior finishing and polishing results. Benefits Easy-to-use system allows you to create smooth proximal surfaces. Strips are gapped...
Bur Holder
Bur Holder With Slicone Seater10 HoleDA-6342
$24.00 $14.00
Head Cover
Bouffant Caps 21", 100/PkBouffant Caps, 100/PkColour may be white or blue
High Speed Handpiece Four Hole LED
The highspeed handpiece offers a high quality turbine and optimal ergonomy with an unbelievable 12 months warranty. offers: + Maximum cutting power + Quiet working environment + Extreme bur concentricity means better work precision 12 Months warranty 20 Watts of power...
$329.00 $249.00
Plain Band
Plain Band - to protect the tooth from the deep scratch 
Curing Light
Curing Light  A predictable, reliable cure, even at the bottom of the proximal box Updated light guide geometry allows easy access to all tooth surfaces. Keeps patient comfort in mind
$99.99 $79.99
Dispensing Gun
  Fitting mixing gun, Size:19 x 18 x 6cm/ 7.48" x 7.09" x 2.36", Tube cartridges capacity: 50ml It's suit for 50ml kits, works with Loctite, Devcon, Araldite, Gorilla, and others with standard 50ml cartridges Don't be distracted by the...
$74.00 $48.00
Nitrile Gloves
Nitrite Gloves 100 /PkThis non-sterile glove features an advanced stretch formulation providing you with the ultimate comfort and fit. With its high strength and excellent protection features, this glove is ideal for nearly all clinical settings.KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS:• Advanced...
$26.50 $12.75
Rubber sheet
$20.00 $18.00
EZ Lube 500ml Aerosol Spray Can
Handpiece Lubricant and CleanerCleans and Maintains as it LubricatesSynthetic Multi-Use Dental Handpiece Lubricant, will not break down in sterilization temperatures.• Top of Class: Independent testing of bearing scar size with top dental lubricant brands proves Sable EZ Lube is the...
KaVo Nozzle
KaVo Spray KaVo Nozzle
$14.99 $12.00
Kavo Lubricant
Kavo Quattrocare Plus 500ml  For cleaning and care of QUATTROcare instruments and air motors Dissolves inorganic residues Propellant removes dissolved inorganic residues out of the instruments Spray expands within handpiece to clean and lubricate Lubricates inner parts of instruments Used...
$61.99 $57.99

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