Chain Elastic
Chain Elastic Standard Elastic Chain is made from high quality Elastomer and is carefully manufactured and tested under tight quality controls and specifications to ensure consistent force delivery, high elasticity and superior memory and rebound. It is available in continuous, short...
Archwire Sleeve 10 Ft
G& H Archwire sleeve is made of soft and transparent material. It sildes over the wire to reduce irritation and maintains space where desired. The tube has excellent fit on the archwire and eliminates food entering the tube.
Ortho Elastic Separators - 1000 Pic Pack
Ligature Ties
Our High Quality Ligatures are Low Friction Ties. Packaged in bag of 42 sticks with 24 ties on each stick. These ties  are the best way to make a fashion statement with your patients' braces! Designs and colors for the...
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