Tofflemire matrix bands
Tofflemire matrix bands144/Pk This surgical grade stainless steel band is carefully stamped for consistently smooth (burr free) edges that keep your patients comfortable and reduce risk of gingival trauma. Available in a variety of sizes and contours, in both .002 inch and .0015...
$22.00 $19.00
Matrix Retainer
Matrix Retainer Toflimier Universal Adult Tofflemire-Universal
$15.00 from $14.00
Bib Chain Holder
Napkin Holder,Rubber Chain DA-3733RED-GREEN-YELLOW-BLUEAutoclavable
$8.00 $5.00
Matrix Sectional Contoured
100Pcs Dental Matrix Sectional Contoured Metal Matrices No.1.398lmws 35um Hard C2 Sectional Metrix Ring Included
Bib Chain Holder
SS Bin Chain DA-3732
$10.00 $5.00
Pro-Matrix™ Bands are for use in dental restorations and are suitable for use with all restorative materials, including both amalgam and composite filling materials. Can be used in all quadrants in every class No assembly or application tools required Can...
Sectional Matrix Ring
3X Dental MD Ring for Sectional Contoured Metal Matrices Matrix 1/PK As per the picture, sterilizable silicone green piece included 
$45.00 $22.00
Matrix Retainer Pedo
Matrix Retainer  junior DA-3725Pedo  Matrix Retainer
Mod Ivory
Mod Ivory DA-3722
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