Filtek Supreme Compules
Z350 Filtek Supreme Capsules Body. Universal Restorative, "True" Nanotechnology, Radiopaque. Box of 20 - 0.20 Gm. Capsules. Exceptional esthetics Excellent polish retention Exceptional handling Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior
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Composite Gun
$37.00 $26.00
Composite Gun
Dental Composite Gun for Unidose Compules Uni Dose Applicator Dispenser
$37.00 $26.00
3M Adper Single Bond
Adper Single BondFeature: Excellent shear bond strength Special cap for minimum evaporation Maintains bond strength - Outstanding shelf life Stable nano-filler, will not settle Indication: Direct light-cured composite/ compomer restorations Porcelain/ composite repair Porcelain veneers (when used with RelyX Veneer...
$71.00 $52.00
Pola Day Tooth Whitening System, 9.5% Hydrogen Peroxide, Mini Kit, 1.3 g, 4/Pk
With 9.5% hydrogen peroxide Diminished plaque and decay formation Provides optimal patient comfort and protection Lessens tooth sensitivity. With 9.5% hydrogen peroxide Diminished plaque and decay formation Provides optimal patient comfort and protection Lessens tooth sensitivity
$28.00 $23.00
Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Composite Restorative Syringe Refill
Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Composite Restorative Syringe Refill Filtek Supreme Flow Syringes, Flowable Restorative. Box of 2 - 2 Gm. Syringes & 20 Tips.Details Excellent esthetics Excellent adaptation Excellent polish retention Excellent wear resistance True nanotechnology 12 shades The dental flowable...
$74.00 $64.00
Opti Bond Solo
$71.00 $60.00
Opti Bond Solo
Opti Bond Solo
$71.00 $60.00
Kulzer KU-65872354 Gluma Desensitizer, Standard, 5Ml
Kulzer KU-65872354 Gluma Desensitizer, a standard 5ml solution designed to provide unparalleled relief from dentin hypersensitivity. This clinically proven desensitizer is crafted with precision to ensure effective and lasting results. The advanced formula not only desensitizes exposed dentin but also...
$76.00 $67.00
Filtek One Bulk Fill Capsule Refill 20-Pk
Filtek One Bulk Fill is a one-step placement composite restorative material. The material has a variety of applications such as: direct anterior and posterior restorations; base/liner under direct restorations; core build-ups; splinting; indirect restorations; restorations of deciduous teeth; extended fissure...
$106.00 $79.00
Tetric EvoCeram® Nanohybrid Composite – 0.2 g Cavifil Refill, 20/Pkg
Tetric EvoCeram® is a light-curing, universal nanohybrid composite for top quality standard restorations in the anterior and posterior region. Industry leading working time and curing time High translucency facilitates a more natural blend with surrounding dentition True chameleon effect due...
$135.00 $105.00
GC Fuji I Glass Ionomer Luting Cement, Powder 35gm - Liquid 25ml
GC Fuji I Glass Ionomer Luting Cement is a reputable dental cement that offers reliable bonding in restorative and prosthodontic procedures. This kit includes a 35gm powder, a 25ml liquid, as well as a spatula and a mixing pad. The...
$150.00 $113.00
Tokuyama Palfique LX5 Resin Based Restorative - A2
TOKUYAMA PALIFIQUE LX5 COMPOSITE  SYRINGES 3.8 GM - REFILL WE SHADE Introducing the next generation ESTELITE Sigma Quick…PALFIQUE LX5. Delivering lifelike aesthetic restorations,infused with our Supra-Nano spherical fillers, that was engineered by Tokuyama Dental. Tokuyama Dental’s composite resin is recognized...
$64.00 $37.00
GC9 Gold Label
$173.00 $135.00
GC9 Gold Label
GC Fuji IX GP, Extra 1-1 Powder and liquid Description GC Fuji IX GP is one of the world‘s leading glass ionomer restoratives. A conventional, self-curing glass ionomer, it’s easy to pack and contour in the cavity and works splendidly...
$173.00 $135.00
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Kerr Harmonize Unidose Enamel 10/pk
  Universal Composite with Adaptive Response Technology Meet the next generation of nanohybrid universal composites—Harmonize. Infused with Adaptive Response Technology, Harmonize helps you achieve lifelike restorations with more ease and simplicity than ever before. Additionally, the nanoparticle filler network provides...
$75.00 $57.00
Johnson & Johnson Reach Floss Waxed, Waxed Refill Spool, 200 yd
The Johnson & Johnson Reach Floss Waxed, available in a convenient 200-yard refill spool, is a go-to dental hygiene essential. This waxed floss is expertly designed for efficient and comfortable interdental cleaning. Its smooth, shred-resistant texture ensures effective plaque and...
$7.00 $6.00
Estelite Sigma Quick® Resin-Based Restorative Material PLT Refill – 0.2 g, 20/Pkg
Estelite Sigma Quick is a universal submicron-filled quick curing composite resin for indications of anterior/posterior restorations, composite veneer, diastema closure and composite/porcelain repair. Available in syringe or pre-loaded tips (PLT) Extended working time (90 seconds) Quick (reduced) curing time High...
Pola Night Tooth Whitening System, 10% Hydrogen Peroxide, Mini Kit,4Syring/Pack
Description Polanight tooth whitening system is a high viscosity, neutral pH take-home tooth whitening gel with a unique blend of soothers, conditioners and water content high enough to further reduce sensitivity. Fluoride release Neutral pH and desensitizers added High viscosity,...
$41.00 $27.00
Kerr Herculite Ultra Flow Syringe Kit
Contains: 2 Syringes (2g each) of each single shade, 20 Dispensing Tips, Technique Guide, and Directions for Use Nanohybrid Flowable Composite Herculite Ultra Flow combines the long-standing expertise of the Herculite brand with an innovative flowable composite. It is the...
Tetric - EvoFlow - Syringe 
  Tetric EvoCeram® Nanohybrid Composite, 3 g Syringe RefillA3.5
$68.00 $46.00
Traxodent Starter Kit
Traxodent is a retraction and hemostatic system for use prior to impression making, cementation, bonding procedures or wherever hemostasis and retraction is required. 7 X 0.7g Syringes and 15 Tips
Topical Anesthetic Gel
Gelato Topical Anesthetic Gel 1ozGelato Topical Anesthetic GelGelato Topical Anesthetic Gel is 20% benzocaine anesthetic gel that is fast acting with no systemic absorption. The 20% benzocaine provides temporary relief of pain during procedures, including local anesthetic injections, periodontal curettage, impression taking,...
Fuji IX - GP, Extra, Caps 48-Bx
Fuji IX GP Extra -  Capsules 48/Pk. Packable Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer. GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA's new SmartGlass filler takes glass ionomer to a whole new level: EXTRA fast setting - Finishing in only 2 1/2 minutes; EXTRA high...
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