Composite Gun
Dental Composite Gun for Unidose Compules Uni Dose Applicator Dispenser
$48.00 $34.00
Tetric - EvoCeram
Tetric EvoCeram - Cavifils - Universal Nanohybrid Composite, Refill: Box of 20 - 0.2 Gm. Cavifils. A3.5 Shade
$129.00 $114.99
Tokuyama Composite Estelite Sigma Quick PLT Estelite Sigma Quick is a universal, supra-nano filled dental composite that utilizes 100% spherical fillers (82% by weight/ 71% by volume). This unique world-class technology delivers a flexible shade matching process, exceptional esthetics and long-term wear resistance.
Filtek Supreme Compules
Z350 Filtek Supreme Capsules Body. Universal Restorative, "True" Nanotechnology, Radiopaque. Box of 20 - 0.20 Gm. Capsules. Exceptional esthetics Excellent polish retention Exceptional handling Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior
Herculite Ultra Flow Syringe Kit
Contains: 2 Syringes (2g each) of each single shade, 20 Dispensing Tips, Technique Guide, and Directions for Use Nanohybrid Flowable Composite Herculite Ultra Flow combines the long-standing expertise of the Herculite brand with an innovative flowable composite. It is the...
Filtek One Bulk Fill Capsule Refill 20-Pk
Filtek One Bulk Fill is a one-step placement composite restorative material. The material has a variety of applications such as: direct anterior and posterior restorations; base/liner under direct restorations; core build-ups; splinting; indirect restorations; restorations of deciduous teeth; extended fissure...
$140.00 $104.00
Tetric - EvoFlow - Syringe 
  Tetric EvoCeram® Nanohybrid Composite, 3 g Syringe RefillA3.5
$89.99 $59.99
Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Composite Restorative Syringe Refill
Filtek Supreme Ultra Flowable Composite Restorative Syringe Refill Filtek Supreme Flow Syringes, Flowable Restorative. Box of 2 - 2 Gm. Syringes & 20 Tips.Details Excellent esthetics Excellent adaptation Excellent polish retention Excellent wear resistance True nanotechnology 12 shades The dental flowable...
$98.00 $74.99
Traxodent Starter Kit
Traxodent is a retraction and hemostatic system for use prior to impression making, cementation, bonding procedures or wherever hemostasis and retraction is required. 7 X 0.7g Syringes and 15 Tips
Topical Anesthetic Gel
Gelato Topical Anesthetic Gel 1ozGelato Topical Anesthetic GelGelato Topical Anesthetic Gel is 20% benzocaine anesthetic gel that is fast acting with no systemic absorption. The 20% benzocaine provides temporary relief of pain during procedures, including local anesthetic injections, periodontal curettage, impression taking,...
Fuji I - Luting Cement
Fuji I Cement - 1:1 Package. Glass Ionomer Luting Cement. 35 Gm. Powder, 25 Gm. Liquid, Spatula and Mixing Pad. Light Yellow.
$199.00 $119.00
Fuji IX - GP, Extra, Caps 48-Bx
Fuji IX GP Extra -  Capsules 48/Pk. Packable Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer. GC Fuji IX GP EXTRA's new SmartGlass filler takes glass ionomer to a whole new level: EXTRA fast setting - Finishing in only 2 1/2 minutes; EXTRA high...
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