BIO NOVA Autoclave Biological Indicators [Steam] (1Box -100 Pcs.), Biological Sterilization Indicators
BioNova: STEAM Biological Indicators -24 hrs - BT-20 Self-contained Biological Indicator for Steam sterilization processes Designed for steam sterilization process control Color indicator to indicate whether sterilization was successful or not Purple to yellow= live Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores= Sterilization cycle...
$240.00 $189.99
Sterilization Pouches- Class 4
Sterilization Pouches - Class 4 offer a superior solution for ensuring the safety and efficacy of medical instruments in healthcare settings. These pouches are meticulously designed to meet the stringent standards of Class 4 sterilization, providing a reliable barrier against...
from $8.99
3M COMPLY (STERIGAGE) CHEMICAL INTEGRATORS 2" x 3/4" Integrators For Steam (Class 5) -500/Pack
Ensure the efficacy of your sterilization processes with 3M COMPLY (STERIGAGE) Chemical Integrators. These 2" x 3/4" integrators are designed for steam sterilization (Class 5) and come in a pack of 500. With advanced technology, these integrators provide a reliable...
$139.00 $119.00
DEFEND Autoclave Sterilization Tape
DEFEND Autoclave Sterilization Tape ensures the safety and integrity of sterilized equipment and instruments in medical and laboratory settings. With its distinctive color change feature, this tape provides a clear visual indication of successful autoclave sterilization, offering peace of mind...
$14.99 $10.95
Integron: Chemical Integrator Strips Class V 250/pk - IT26-C
The Integron Chemical Integrator Strips Class V (IT26-C) is a vital tool in the field of sterilization monitoring, offering a reliable and efficient solution for validating the effectiveness of the sterilization process. This pack includes 250 strips, providing ample supply...
$79.00 $42.00
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