Ortho Flextech Retainer 30" Non-Etched Stainless
The Next Generation in Lingual RetentionOrtho-FlexTech™ is intended to be used for retaining tooth position after orthodontic treatment. This NEW! Stainless Steel version has 30% Increased Tensile Strength and 300% increased Torsional Strength- 30" Chain - Makes 25 cuspid to cuspid retainers!-...
$109.00 $97.00
Bond-A-Braid Braided Lingual Retainer Wire -8 PC
Permanent retention is greatly enhanced using a flattened, dead soft 8-braided wire. Intra-arch splinting with this thin ribbon arch prevents torque control problems that can occur using a round braided wire for these procedures. When bonded on the lingual of...
$71.00 $60.00
Bonded flat lingual retainer wire
The Bonded Flat Lingual Retainer Wire for dental applications is a critical component in post-orthodontic care. This retainer wire is expertly designed for stability and durability, ensuring teeth maintain their ideal positions after orthodontic treatment. With a flat and discreet...
$53.00 $45.00
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