Dent Art Dental Cement Mixing Spatula (Single Ended)
The B6SN 856/014 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs with a Round End Taper are meticulously crafted tools designed to meet the exacting standards of dental professionals. Engineered with precision, these burs offer versatility and reliability in various dental procedures. The round...
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HU-Friedy CS246 Dental #24 Spatula Cement Handle No 6 Satin Steel
The HU-Friedy CS246 Dental #24 Spatula is a meticulously crafted instrument designed for precise and efficient dental procedures. Featuring a robust Cement Handle and constructed from No. 6 Satin Steel, this spatula exemplifies HU-Friedy's commitment to quality and precision in...
$54.00 $42.00
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