Sof-Lex Finishing Strips
PRODUCT INFORMATION Soflex Strips 1954 150/bx - 3M Sof-Lex finishing and polishing strips are designed to help prevent interproximal plaque buildup for superior finishing and polishing results. Benefits Easy-to-use system allows you to create smooth proximal surfaces. Strips are gapped...
$59.00 $42.00
Interproximal Magic strip Double sided
Strauss’ innovative Magic Strips System We offer single sided Magic Strip™ for single tooth procedures, double sided Magic Strip™ which are especially well suited for interproximal reductions, and Serrated Magic Strip™ which are indispensable for separating fused contacts and cement clean...
$30.00 $23.00
Separating Abrasive Strips
Separating Abrasives strips are used to reduce and/or shape the interproximal area. Each strip is made of durable diamond abrasive which has been electronically bonded to surgical grade steel base so strips resist stretching, breaking and corrosion. Strips are .003"...
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