3M Sof-Lex finishing and polishing strips
3M Sof-Lex Finishing and Polishing Strips. Crafted by industry leader 3M, these strips are a testament to precision and innovation in dental technology. Engineered for optimal performance, each strip is designed to efficiently contour, finish, and polish composite surfaces, providing...
$78.00 $54.99
Strauss™ Orthodontic Interproximal Adjustable Double-Sided Magic Strips
The Strauss™ Orthodontic Interproximal Adjustable Double-Sided Magic Strips present a revolutionary solution for orthodontic care. Designed with precision and innovation, these strips offer a multifaceted approach to interproximal adjustment, catering to the intricate needs of orthodontic patients. Crafted with quality...
$39.00 $29.99
Metal Abrasive Separating Strips
Metal Abrasive Separating Strips offer a sophisticated solution for industrial applications requiring precise material separation. Crafted from durable metals, these strips are engineered to withstand rigorous environments while effectively segregating abrasive materials. With meticulous attention to detail, each strip is...
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