C15 368/023
 C15 368/023HEAD SIZE(mm):2.3HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):5Pack of 5
C15S 368/021
  C15S 368/021HEAD SIZE(mm):2.1HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):5Pack of 5
A173 368/018
  A173 368/018HEAD SIZE(mm):1.8HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):4.5Pack of 5
A8L 805/018 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs Inverted Cone -5/Pack
A8L 805/018 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs Inverted Cone, available in a convenient pack of 5. These precision-engineered burs are designed to deliver exceptional performance, offering versatility in various dental applications. The inverted cone shape enhances accessibility and accuracy during procedures,...
A17 368/018
 A17 368/018HEAD SIZE(mm):1.8HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):4Pack of 5
A17S 368/016
A17S 368/016HEAD SIZE(mm):1.6HEAD TIP(mm):N/AHEAD LENGTH(mm):3.5Pack of 5
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