Bio-Mim Mini Twin Standard Brackets
  racket Systems, STANDARD BIOMIM®  Our Standard BioMIM® Brackets are made from a premium low-nickel metal. The brackets are strong and durable. Standard BioMIM® brackets are built with the same high standards and low tolerance specifications as our entire BioMIM® line.FEATURES...
$64.00 $39.00
miniPrevail™ TWIN Individual Bracket System
A true miniature twin bracket system that incorporates all the benefits of a larger bracket. Made in the U.S.A by G&H® Orthodontics Low–Profile Bracket System enhances patient comfort reduces occlusal interference Metal Injection Molded Surgical–Grade Stainless Steel (MIM) Constructed of...
$104.00 $89.00
Dental Metal Brackets 20 Bracket /Pack
Dental Metal Brackets, available in packs of 20, are a fundamental component in orthodontic treatment. These brackets are meticulously crafted to ensure precision and durability in dental realignment procedures. The high-quality metal construction provides strength and stability, offering reliable support...
Dental Orthodontic Metal Brackets
Elevate your orthodontic practice with our Dental Orthodontic Metal Brackets, designed for optimal performance and patient comfort. Crafted with precision, these brackets offer reliable support for various orthodontic treatments. The high-quality metal ensures durability and longevity, providing stability throughout the...
$89.00 $46.00
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