Micro Iris Scissor
Micro Iris Scissor  11cmStraight DA-4250Curved DA-4251
$19.00 $16.00
Iris Scissors
Iris Scissors 12 cmStraight DA-4246Curved DA-4247
Quinby Scissors
Quinby Scissors 16cmStraight DA-4280Curved DA-4281
Kelly Scissors
Kelly Scissors 16cmStraight DA-4278Curved DA-4279
16 Goldman-Fox Super-Cut Scissors
   Goldman-Fox Super-Cut scissors with 1 serrated blade used for trimming tissue or cutting sutures. Featuring tapered blade tips, tips that are not sharp on outside and are used as tonotomy scissors. 12.5cm
$194.00 from $36.00
Iris Scissor
DA-8285 Iris Scissor 12cm Straight   One Blade Serrated  
Iris Scissors TC
Iris Scissors 12cm TCStraight DA-4298Curved DA-4299
Olsen Heager Needle Holder
Olsen Heager Needle Holder for suturing andsuture cutting14cm DA-429016cm DA-4291
$49.00 $39.00
Gillies Suturing
Gillies Suturing and Suture Cutting Sci.15cm DA-4289
Dressing Scissors
Dressing Scissors 15cmB.B Straight DA-4276B.B Curved DA-4277
Dressing Scissors
Dressing Scissors 15cmS.B Straight DA-4274S.B Curved DA-4275
Dressing Scissors
Dressing Scissors 15cmS.S Straight DA-4272S.S Curved DA-4273
Metzenbaum Scissors
Metzenbaum Scissors14cm Str DA-426714cm Cvd DA-426816cm Str DA-426916cm Cvd DA-4270
Stich-Suture Cutting Scissor
Stich/Suture Cutting ScissorSuture cut with holder wire11 cm DA-4262

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