Suturing Forceps
Suturing Forceps16cm DA-4239
Adson Tissue Forcep
Adson Tissue Forceps12cm DA-422416cm DA-4225
Splinter Splinter Micro Twez Forceps, Fine Serrated Tips Surgical Dental Instruments
Introducing our Splinter Micro Tweez Forceps, crafted for precision in surgical and dental procedures. These forceps feature fine serrated tips, ensuring a secure grip and accurate handling of delicate materials. Whether you're working in a surgical or dental setting, these...
Allison Tissue Forceps
Allis Tissue Forceps are finger ring, ratcheted forceps used for grasping organs and slippery or dense tissue during electrosurgery. They are commonly used with tonsil, vaginal, breast, and thyroid tissue.
$45.00 $32.00
DA-4224 F
Tissue forceps,adson,12 cm fine 1/2 teeth GF46-010DA-4224 F
Suturing Forceps - 16cm
Our Suturing Forceps, measuring 16cm in length, are indispensable tools for medical professionals, particularly in the field of surgery and wound closure. Crafted with precision, these forceps are designed to securely grasp and manipulate sutures with ease, ensuring accurate and...
Micro Twez
Micro Twez 3x415cm DA-4236 
Micro Twez
Micro TwezDA-4235
Adson Brown
Adson Brown12cm DA-4229
Iris Twezeers
Iris Twezeers12cm DA-422614cm DA-422716cm DA-4228
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