FG9714 Carbide Burs
FG9714Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):1.4CUTTING LENGTH(mm):7.6  
FG9903 Carbide Burs
FG9903Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2CUTTING LENGTH(mm):3.6
FG9642 Carbide Burs
FG9642Pack of 5HEAD SIZE(mm):1.0CUTTING LENGTH(mm):8.0
FG7104 Carbide Burs
FG710412 Blades T & F Carbides HEAD SIZE(mm):1.4CUTTING LENGTH(mm):3.5 Pack of 5 Pack of 100
FG9561 Carbide Burs
FG9561Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):0.9CUTTING LENGTH(mm):3.4
FG9713 Carbide Burs
FG9713Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2CUTTING LENGTH(mm):5.2
FG9214 Carbide Burs
FG9214Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2CUTTING LENGTH(mm):5.1  
FG9904 Carbide Burs
FG9904Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):1.4CUTTING LENGTH(mm):3.6
FG9406 Carbide Burs
FG9406Pack of 5HEAD SIZE(mm):1.8CUTTING LENGTH(mm):3.4
FG9803 Carbide Burs
FG9803Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2CUTTING LENGTH(mm):3.4
FG9008 Carbide Burs
FG9008Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):2.3CUTTING LENGTH(mm):N/A
FG9006 Carbide Burs
FG9006Pack of 5HEAD SIZE(mm):1.8CUTTING LENGTH(mm):N/A
FG9004 Carbide Burs
FG9004Pack of 5 HEAD SIZE(mm):1.4CUTTING LENGTH(mm):N/A
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