Orthodontic Elastic Power Chain Dispenser Reel Box with Lid
The Orthodontic Elastic Power Chain Dispenser Reel Box with Lid is an essential tool for orthodontic practices, designed to streamline the process of applying elastic power chains. This dispenser reel box comes with a secure lid, ensuring hygiene and protection...
$64.00 $48.00
Dental Ortho Bracket Organizer Circular
  "Introducing our Dental Ortho Bracket Organizer Circular, a must-have solution for orthodontic practices seeking optimal efficiency and organization. This innovative organizer is meticulously designed to streamline the storage and accessibility of orthodontic brackets, ensuring a smooth workflow in your...
$39.00 $19.00
Empty Molar Band Box with Inner Tray 1/PK
The Empty Band Box with Inner Tray, available in a single pack, is a versatile and practical storage solution for dental practices. Crafted with durability in mind, this band box provides a secure and organized space for storing dental bands,...
$49.00 $29.00
Orthodontic Preformed Wire Acrylic Organizer Dental Holder Case
Wire Organizer Material: Acrylic,color:Transparent. Base:Transparent or black will sent at random. Large capacity and round arch wires case is more convenient to use. A good organizer to put wire,decrease the trouble of loss and disorder. Brand new,high quality item and...
$89.00 $69.99
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Dental Ortho Elastic Ligature Tie Organizer
  High Quality Dental Orthodontic Arcylic Ligature Tie Organizer Ligatie Placer Clear Ligature Tie Box   Application: Dentist; Orthodontist; Hospital Materials: Transparent Arcylic Feature: High Transparency, Pure Clear Type: Organizer for ligature Tie
$69.00 $39.00
Dental Acrylic Stand Holder For Orthodontic Pliers Organizer
The Dental Acrylic Stand Holder for Orthodontic Pliers Organizer is an essential accessory for dental professionals, meticulously designed to streamline instrument management in orthodontic practices. Crafted from durable and hygienic acrylic material, this stand offers a sturdy and stable platform...
$49.00 $29.00
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