Articulating Paper Holding Twezeer Miller
The Articulating Paper Holding Tweezer by Miller is a precision-crafted dental instrument designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of dental procedures. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this tweezer is an indispensable tool for dental professionals seeking precise control...
$19.00 $14.00
Articulating Paper Thick Blue 38 µ Microns 12 Books/box
Articulating paper, specifically designed with a thickness of 38 µ Microns in a vibrant blue hue, is a crucial tool in dental practices for assessing occlusal contacts and bite discrepancies. Encased within each box are 12 meticulously crafted books, each...
Atriculating Paper Thin
1 Book (12 Sheet) Thin Red , 38 Micron Individual Books reccomented for dental students
$4.50 $3.50
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