15-8-14 Hatchets used for cavity preparation: retentive areas, internal line angles and removing hard caries.
$52.00 $46.00
#17 Dressing Pliers
College Serrated Handle 15cm.DA-2457
$10.00 $8.00
Mirror Handle MH7- Huf Friedy
    Cone Socket Mirror, ergonomic handle. Satin Steel™Colours.Cone Socket Mirror Handle used with Single and Double-Sided Cone Socket Mirrors. The blunt end of the mirror handle is ideal for testing sensitivity to percussion and assessing tooth mobility.ND  
$14.00 from $6.00
Mirror # 5 Huf Friedy
#5. Plane or Simple StemMouth mirror heads are used to reflect light and provide indirect vision for easy viewing of patient's teeth. These mirrors can be single sided or double sided; some even provide magnification for a more detailed view....
$15.00 $11.00
20 Instrument Cassette
20 Instruments Cassette With Partition  15X8X1.5 Inch 
$113.00 $82.00
William Probe PQW6
Hu- Friedy   William Probe - 1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10
$40.00 $35.00
Matrix Retainer
Matrix Retainer Toflimier Universal Adult Tofflemire-Universal
$15.00 from $14.00
XP23/QOW Williams Explorer Probe
Perio Prob.DE Color Coded.DA-2765 Explorer 23- QW 
$17.00 $14.00
Plastic Filling Instrument 4 F Tuff
PFI -4F Tufts Stainless Steel  Titanium Coated Composite/Plastic Filling Instrument PFI-4F Tufls This Stainless Steel Composite/Plastic Filling Instrument PFI-4F Tufls have highly polished tips used for composite placement and contouring. Specifications: Material – Stainless Steel (Rust Resistant/Non-magnet) Tip Type: French...
$25.00 $20.00
Dental Mirror Head Front Surface Cone Socket - 12/Box
Enhance your dental examinations with our Dental Mirror Head Front Surface Cone Socket. This set includes 12 mirror heads designed to provide clear, distortion-free views during oral inspections. Crafted with precision, the front surface mirrors ensure accurate reflections, aiding in...
$34.00 $25.00
Mirror Handle Solid
Mirror Handle Solid  Round.DA-2471
Crown Holding Plier
Dental Crown Holding Forceps  multi-functional crown holder for the dental technician and laboratory.  The plier is made of fibre-glass and is bend and heat resistant (up to 220°C/430°F).for the exact hold, smoothing, finishing and polishingto fix single crowns in the...
$30.00 $26.00
Huf Friedy Hatchet CP8/9
10-7-14 Hatchets used for cavity preparation: retentive areas, internal line angles and removing hard caries Huf Friedy Hatchet  CP8/9  
$52.00 $45.00
Matrix Ring Holding Forceps
Matrix Ring Holding  Forceps Adopter DA-3672
32L Endo Excavator Huf Friedy
Excavatore 32Long Shank. DA-2674 Composite instrument ends (XTS and standard Stainless Steel) should be gently wiped with an alcohol saturated swab/gauze immediately after use. This minimizes thin layers of composite from building up after use and extends the life of...
from $16.00
Amalgam Carrier AC5202 ,2.8-2- Huf Friedy
Double-ended amalgam carrier tip used to carry and dispense amalgam filling materials (2.8 mm & 2.0 mm).
Micro Iris Scissor
Micro Iris Scissor  11cmStraight DA-4250Curved DA-4251
$15.00 $13.00
PVC Amalgam Carrier
PVC Amalgam Carrier 45 Degree Angle DA-2645
Dent Art Hatchet CP15/16 - 1.0MM 1.5MM
Our variety of Hatchets are used for cavity preparation: retentive areas, internal lines angles, and removing hard caries.  Hatchet - 1-1.5mm
$22.00 $16.00
Scaler #H5/33 Hollow Handle
DA-2825 H5 Hygienist/33 Jacquette Scaler  
  Flexible, reversed, flared paddle design for shaping and placement of Class III and IV restorations. 2.5mm/2.5mm
$52.00 $46.00
Dressing Locking Plier DP 18L Hu Friedy
DP18 L Dressing Pliers are made with stainless steel & feature a serrated tip for a positive grip & locking mechanism. Hu-Friedy dressing pliers are used to grip or transfer materials in and out of the oral cavity. Our dressing...
$41.00 from $8.00

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