Dispensing Gun
  Fitting mixing gun, Size:19 x 18 x 6cm/ 7.48" x 7.09" x 2.36", Tube cartridges capacity: 50ml It's suit for 50ml kits, works with Loctite, Devcon, Araldite, Gorilla, and others with standard 50ml cartridges Don't be distracted by the...
$56.00 $37.00
Mixing Tip - temporary Crown&Bridge Material
Crown and Bridge Mixing Tip, a must-have for precision and efficiency in restorative dentistry. Crafted with precision and quality, this mixing tip is designed to ensure uniform and thorough blending of crown and bridge materials. The ergonomic design facilitates easy...
Structur 2 SC A2
$150.00 $139.00
Structur 2 SC A2
  Temporary material for self-etch crowns and bridges in the QuickMix syringe , as well as for the fabrication of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and onlays for aesthetics. Characteristics of Composite Structure 2: It has a tooth-like lustre. Structur QM is primarily intended for restorations...
$150.00 $139.00
3M ESPE Protemp 4 Temporization Material, Shade A1
3M ESPE Protemp 4 Temporization Material in the classic Shade A1. Engineered for superior performance, this temporization material provides reliable and aesthetic provisional restorations. The advanced formulation ensures excellent strength and durability, while the A1 shade offers a natural and...
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