3M Oral Care RelyX Fiber Post
3M Oral Care RelyX Fiber Post, a cutting-edge solution for durable and aesthetically pleasing tooth restoration. Crafted with precision, these fiber posts offer exceptional strength and flexibility, ensuring reliable support for various dental prosthetics. The innovative design promotes optimal bonding,...
Stabilok - Economy, Titan. 100 Pins & 5 Drills
Designed for self-shearing with maximum reliability and insertion with maximum ease. The screw and shank portions are manufactured rigidly and secured in exact alignment with each other.
$202.00 $150.00
Gold Post
$112.00 $86.00
Gold Post
NORDIN Complete Kit Gold 120 Posts 2 Key Wrench Tool 120 pieces + 2 wrenches In stock and immediate shipping from the USA Complete Kit: 120 pcs - 6 pieces of each size in 20pcs + 2 wrenches Convenient Holder dispenses post...
$112.00 $86.00
ParaPost Fiber Lux Refill (1.25 mm) - 5/PK
The ParaPost Fiber Lux Refill (1.25 mm) offers a top-quality solution for dental professionals in restorative dentistry. This pack contains five precision-engineered posts, each measuring 1.25 mm in diameter. These Fiber Lux posts provide excellent strength and light transmission, ensuring...
$82.00 $68.00
Suretex - Stainless Steel Posts
Suretex Classic 1.20 mm x 9.3 mm Stainless Steel Posts, Package of 12.
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