STAINLESS STEEL HAND FILES Designed to clean and shape root canals Produced to give operators a smooth tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation.Exceeds all ISO/ADA specifications. Stainless steel files with endo stops.
$13.99 $12.49
Protaper Gold File
Protaper Gold Files 6/Pk Enhanced Metallurgy (ProTaper GOLD) Multiple Changing Tapers over each File's Cutting Blades Convex Triangular Cross Section Progressively Changing Helical Angle and Pitch Variable Tip Diameters Modified Guiding Tip No Radial Lands More Efficient Cutting Angle Improved Safety...
$89.00 $79.99
Endo ICE
  Cold sprays are used to ice cotton or foam pellets. With the frozen pellets the normal of nerve fibers can be tested.  ENDO-ICE spray is used to ice cotton or endo frost pellets to test the normal response of...
$38.50 $31.89
RC-Prep for Chemo-Mechanical Preparation of Root Canals, 18 Gm. Jar. #9007131
$69.00 $49.99
Paper Point .04 Tapered
  Complements: Tapered (.04 and .06) Rotary Files, ProFile® ISO Rotary Files, EndoSequence® Files and K3® Files SLIDING SPILL PROOF .04 TAPER • Highly absorbent.• Uniformly tapered to match .04 and .06 tapered instruments• Points are millimeter marked to provide preliminary guidance...
AH Plus Root Canal Standard Package, 4ml Base + 4ml Cataylst
$139.00 $129.99
Gutta Percha Points , 60/Box
Gutta Percha Points complement Profile ISO Rotary Files
$24.50 $19.75
Paper Points Tapered .06
  100/bxDia-ISO GT Paper Points from DiaDent are tailor made to complement Profile ISO Rotary Files and K3 Files and are designed to be used for drying and cleaning the canals. Consistent and uniform taper Smooth, rounded and bullet-shaped tips...
Endo Syringe
Monoject - Endo Syringes -  with a needle 3CC  - 100/Bx
$69.99 $59.99
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