DentalArt College Plier #17 Curved Serrated Tips With Lock Stainless Steel
The #17 Dressing Pliers stand as an essential tool in the dental field, serving a variety of purposes with precision and ease. Crafted with durable materials and a user-friendly design, these pliers are a staple in dental practices for their...
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HU-Friedy DP18L #18L Locking Dressing Plier College Serrated Handle Locking
The HU-Friedy DP18L #18L Locking Dressing Plier is a precision dental instrument designed for optimal performance in various dental procedures. With its #18L locking dressing plier design, it proves particularly useful in manipulating and securing dental dressings during treatments. The...
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College Serrated Handle locking
College Serrated Handle locking 15cm. DA-2461
College Hole Handle Serrated - 15cm
The College Hole Handle Serrated Knife, boasting a 15cm blade, stands as a testament to precision and durability in culinary tools. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this kitchen essential is more than just a knife; it's a companion in...
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