D7S2 828/026
 D7S2 828/026HEAD SIZE(mm):2.6HEAD TIP(mm):N/ADEPTH(mm):0.5Pack of 5
D7S 834/016
D7S 834/016HEAD SIZE(mm):1.6HEAD TIP(mm):N/ADEPTH(mm):0.3Pack of 5
D7M 834/021
 D7M 834/021HEAD SIZE(mm):2.1HEAD TIP(mm):N/ADEPTH(mm):0.5Pack of 5
D7L 834/031
D7L 834/031HEAD SIZE(mm):3.1HEAD TIP(mm):N/ADEPTH(mm):1.0Pack of 5
D72 868A/021 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs-Depth Cutter
Introducing the D72 868A/021 Multi-Use Dental Diamond Burs-Depth Cutter, a versatile and essential tool for dental professionals. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these diamond burs are designed for depth cutting applications, ensuring accurate and efficient dental procedures. The...
D71 868A/018
D71 868A/018HEAD SIZE(mm):1.8HEAD TIP(mm):N/ADEPTH(mm):0.3Pack of 5
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