3M Adper Single Bond
Adper Single BondFeature: Excellent shear bond strength Special cap for minimum evaporation Maintains bond strength - Outstanding shelf life Stable nano-filler, will not settle Indication: Direct light-cured composite/ compomer restorations Porcelain/ composite repair Porcelain veneers (when used with RelyX Veneer...
Jade Blue Etchant Gel, 1 x 50ml Bulk Syringe
Jade Blue Etchant Gel, 1 x 50ml Bulk Syringe. 37% thixotropic phosphoric, non-slump acid gel for enamel and dentin. Washes off completely and easily and does not stain. Has a dark blue color that allows high visibility for precise selective...
$58.00 $44.50
Jumbo Etchen Syringe Kit
Etch-Rite Jumbo Syringe Kit 2-25mLEtch-Rite Jumbo Kit - 38% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel: 2 - 25 mL Syringes, 5 x 3 mL Empty Syringe, 50 Applicator Tips. 
$76.00 $74.99
Pre-Bent Applicator Tips
Etch Rite Pre-Bent Applicator TipsPre-Bent Applicator Needle Tips, Package of 100.3D Dental's disposable Pre-Bent Needle Tips are blunt end tips for use with etchants, resins and flowable composites. Blunt end tips. Made for use with etchants, resins and flowable composites....
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