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Kromopan 100 Chromatic Alginate Refill

$14.75 $15.75
Kromopan® is a type 1 chromatic alginate specifically studied for applications where longer working time is essential. The color-changing phase indicator (purple/pink/white) guarantees perfect mixing and timely insertion in the oral cavity.
  • Indications: mobile prosthesis, removable and fixed prostheses antagonist, preliminary and study models
  • Thixotropic; easy to mix and use
  • Long dimensional stability (>100 hours)
  • Extra-fast, in-mouth minimum setting time (30 seconds); high accuracy (20 µ)
  • Compatible with alginate impression disinfectant
  • Patient friendly, mint flavor; dust free
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    Kromopan 100 Chromatic Alginate Refill
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