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Structur 2 SC A2

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Temporary material for self-etch crowns and bridges in the QuickMix syringe , as well as for the fabrication of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and onlays for aesthetics.

Characteristics of Composite Structure 2:

  • It has a tooth-like lustre.
  • Structur QM is primarily intended for restorations in the anterior area.
  • Thanks to Structur, the temporary prosthesis is highly transparent and natural-looking.
  • Simple and quick processing steps
  • Less than 1 minute hardening time in the mouth.
  • Easy to shape and polish.
  • Available in colours for natural aesthetics.
  • Long-term interim
  • High colour and shape stability.
  • Reduced dwell time in the mouth: Structur 2 should be removed from the oral cavity after 1 to 1.5 minutes and after a further 2.5 minutes the necessary strength for finishing and polishing is reached.
  • High material strength: The material used must withstand the pressure of chewing for weeks or months without the load causing it to yield or break. This applies especially to discontinuous thin margins of crowns and other fine structures of the restoration.
  • Quick and easy application: The creation of temporary restorations should be easy to integrate into the prosthetic fabrication process in practice: Mixing errors, colour deviations and mixed air bubbles are no longer a problem.
  • Two-layer technique: This technique provides a high degree of transparency and naturalness to the temporary prosthesis.
  • Contents 75 g cartridge + mixing cannulas type 6.

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    Structur 2 SC A2
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