FGOS702L Surgical Burs
FGOS702LFriction Grip Surgical ShankHEAD SIZE(mm):1.6CUTTING LENGTH(mm):4.9Pack of 10Pack of 100
from $26.00
FGOS703 Surgical Burs
FGOS703Friction Grip Surgical Shank HEAD SIZE(mm):2.1CUTTING LENGTH(mm):4.5 Pack of 10 Pack of 100
FGOS702 Surgical Burs
FGOS702Friction Grip Surgical ShankHEAD SIZE(mm):1.6CUTTING LENGTH(mm):4.1Pack of 10Pack of 100
FGOS701 Surgical Burs
FGOS701Friction Grip Surgical Shank HEAD SIZE(mm):1.2CUTTING LENGTH(mm):3.7 Pack of 10 Pack of 100
FGOS700 Surgical Burs
FGOS700Friction Grip Surgical Shank HEAD SIZE(mm):1.0CUTTING LENGTH(mm):3.7 Pack of 10 Pack of 100
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