5/7 Root Canal Plugger Double Ended
Endo Plugger 30/40 5/7 Root Canal Plugger Double Ended With marking  0.30/0.40 A popular double-ended plugger with .50 mm and .75 mm diameter working ends. Two additional pluggers are available in this design but with larger diameters, the RCP5/7 and...
Rubber Dam Frame
Rubber Dam Fram  6 x6 Rubber dam frames are metal, autoclavable skeletons to form dam material. Frame offers special protection for orbital area with rounded vertical ends. Contoured to fit more closely to the face, providing greater working area and...
32L Endo Excavator Huf Friedy
Excavatore 32Long Shank. DA-2674 Composite instrument ends (XTS and standard Stainless Steel) should be gently wiped with an alcohol saturated swab/gauze immediately after use. This minimizes thin layers of composite from building up after use and extends the life of...
from $15.00
0 Premolars Rubber Dam Clamp
The 0 Premolars Rubber Dam Clamp offers superior performance for longer premolars with its flat jaws and high bow design. It provides a secure grip without compromising the clamp's strength, giving you reliable results every time.
$11.00 $8.00
IVORRY Rubber Dam Clamp
Hygenic® Gloss Finish Winged Clamps – Application steps can be combined by placing the dam, clamps and frame simultaneously. Once applied, the dam is stretched under the wings of the clamp.   
Universal Endo Forceps
Very selender Universal Forceps for grasping forceps endodontic instruments & Root/Bonesplinters as well as holding and inserting silver & paper point & interproximal wedges etc.
$67.00 $44.00
Rubber Dam Clamp #13A
Used to anchor and stabilize dental dams - Lower Molars - Left
$11.00 $8.00
Rubber Dam Kit
Rubber Dam Kit.DA-3676+Ainsworth Punch+Ivory Dam ClampHolder+Adult Rubber Dam Frame+Dam Calmps Nos:0-1-7--2A-12A-13A 212SS TRAY  NOT INCLUDED 
$164.00 $134.00
Ivory Dam ClampHolder DA-3670 Rubber Dam Clamp Forceps
Rubber Dam Clamp #W8A
Used to anchor and stabilize dental dams - General - Molars
$11.00 $8.00
2A premolars Rubber Dam Clamp
Our 2A premolars Rubber Dam Clamp is perfect for larger premolars, with its flat jaws for a secure fit. Its heavy-duty construction gives you a reliable grip while the stainless-steel finish ensures long-lasting use. Get the peace of mind you...
$11.00 $8.00

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