Endodontic K File
Introducing our Endodontic K File, a reliable instrument designed to meet the exacting standards of endodontic procedures. Crafted from premium stainless steel, this K File combines strength and flexibility, ensuring optimal performance in root canal treatments. The sharp cutting flutes...
$11.00 $10.00
Aurelia SONIC 100 Blue Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves
Aurelia SONIC 100 Blue Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves. Crafted for exceptional durability and tactile sensitivity, these gloves provide a reliable barrier against contaminants while allowing for precise, comfortable hand movements. The vivid blue color adds a modern touch to your...
$13.00 $7.00
3M Filtek Supreme Ultra capsule refill (Z350 XT Alternative)
Elevate your restorative dentistry with the 3M Filtek Supreme Ultra capsule refill, an excellent alternative to Z350 XT. Engineered with cutting-edge nanotechnology, this capsule refill ensures optimal aesthetics and durability for your dental restorations. The advanced resin formula offers a...
$101.00 from $76.00
Amalgam Permite
Permite -Regualr -2 Spill - Amalgam   10/PK 
Composite Gun
$37.00 $26.00
Composite Gun
Dental Composite Gun for Unidose Compules Uni Dose Applicator Dispenser
$37.00 $26.00
Level 3 Isolation Gown
Isolated Gown  blue Color Knit cuff, latex free, fluid resistant and fire retard Soft smooth and with non-woven material Provides maximum protection and extra coverage with back-tie  
$6.00 $2.00
Dispensing Gun
  Fitting mixing gun, Size:19 x 18 x 6cm/ 7.48" x 7.09" x 2.36", Tube cartridges capacity: 50ml It's suit for 50ml kits, works with Loctite, Devcon, Araldite, Gorilla, and others with standard 50ml cartridges Don't be distracted by the...
$56.00 $37.00
EZ Lube 500ml Aerosol Spray Can
Handpiece Lubricant and CleanerCleans and Maintains as it LubricatesSynthetic Multi-Use Dental Handpiece Lubricant, will not break down in sterilization temperatures.• Top of Class: Independent testing of bearing scar size with top dental lubricant brands proves Sable EZ Lube is the...
$34.00 $27.00
Micro Brush Applicators
Disposable Micro Brush Applicators, 4x  100 pic  Pack Total - 400 Pic 
$30.00 $23.00
Opti Bond Solo
$71.00 $60.00
Opti Bond Solo
Opti Bond Solo
$71.00 $60.00
Dental Cotton Rolls for Dentists
Dental Cotton Rolls for Dentists are essential and highly absorbent materials designed for various dental procedures. Crafted entirely from 100% cotton, these rolls excel in moisture control, providing a reliable solution for maintaining a dry operating field. Dental professionals appreciate...
$3.00 $2.00
High Speed Handpiece Four Hole LED
The highspeed handpiece offers a high quality turbine and optimal ergonomy with an unbelievable 12 months warranty. offers: + Maximum cutting power + Quiet working environment + Extreme bur concentricity means better work precision 12 Months warranty 20 Watts of power...
$247.00 $187.00
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DARWIN Replacement Chin
Chin Plate (Brass) Kilgore/Nissin  
$41.00 $37.00
Mylar Matrix Strips 1000/Pk
Mylar Matrix Strips • Made from DuPont .002 Mylar polyester film, far stronger than acetate• Use for composite restorations• 3/8” x 4”, 5.8 microns thickness Ref #57Straight (not contoured)1,000/box Ref #58Curved (contoured)1,000/box
3M ESPE Protemp 4 Temporization Material, Shade A1
3M ESPE Protemp 4 Temporization Material in the classic Shade A1. Engineered for superior performance, this temporization material provides reliable and aesthetic provisional restorations. The advanced formulation ensures excellent strength and durability, while the A1 shade offers a natural and...
Backpack Type Mini Portable Dental Chair Unit with Air Compressor ( Home Dental Unit)
110-220V, 50/60Hz Backpack Type Mini Portable Dental Chair Unit with Air Compressor ( Home Dental Unit)
$975.00 $600.00
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Red Rouge Polishing Compound
Red Rouge Polishing Compound is for high shine on gold, precious and non-precious alloys. Great for the final polish on gold. Available in 1-pound bars.
$19.00 $11.00
Kao Coupler
$178.00 $127.00
Kao Coupler
4 Hole self generating light coupler ( Kavo type) Fiber optics  4 holes LED light generator - fit KAVO and JMorita - fit Dynamic units Made In Japan 2 Year Warranty
$178.00 $127.00
Kerr Herculite Ultra Flow Syringe Kit
Contains: 2 Syringes (2g each) of each single shade, 20 Dispensing Tips, Technique Guide, and Directions for Use Nanohybrid Flowable Composite Herculite Ultra Flow combines the long-standing expertise of the Herculite brand with an innovative flowable composite. It is the...
Musling Polishig Wheel
Treated Buffing Wheel, 5/Pk
$15.00 $9.00
Pumice Preppies 2gm Unit Dose 100/Bx
  Unit dose flour of pumice. Contains no flavoring agents, oils or fluoride.
$67.00 $55.00
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