Saliva Ejectors 100-pk - White
Saliva Ejectors 100-pk - White
Disposable flexible saliva ejector made of non-toxic transparent PVC. Integrated mettalic wire for the excellent maintainence of the set angle. Rounded shape fixed tip, ideal for work on irritated mucous. Size Diameter 6.5 mm. Medical Device Class II A. Pack...
Cory Labs’ Purity – Dental Unit Waterline Cleaning Tablets Add one effervescent tablet of Purity Waterline Cleaner to 0.7-1 liter water (2 tabs in 2 liter systems) and it dissolves quickly to form the cleaning solution. Features and Benefits Environmentally...
$67.00 $46.00
Surgical Aspirator Tips 25-Bx
3D Dental's Surgical Suction Tips are made with smooth edges for maximum patient comfort.Our tips are molded at a 30-degree angle and fit 11mm, suction holders.All of our Aspirator Tips are autoclavable up to 135 C or alternatively can be...
$10.00 $6.00
High-Volume Evacuator Tips 100-Pk
High Volume Evacuator Tips provide increased suction for the procedures requiring it.Vented and Nonvented ends on the same combination evacuator. High quality plastic with no sharp edges to improve patient comfort.  ADVANTAGES: single use 1/8" diameter Fits all standard evacuator hose ends Smooth edges for maximum patient...
$7.00 $6.00
SuperVac 40 Plus, Evacuation System Cleaner
Introducing the SuperVac 40 Plus, your ultimate solution for maintaining a pristine evacuation system in dental offices. This powerful Evacuation System Cleaner is designed to efficiently remove debris, biofilm, and other contaminants, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene. Its advanced formula...
$52.00 $38.00
Saliva Valve Swivel Adapter
Saliva Valve Swivel Adapter and Rubber Gray Tip, Autoclavable.
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