#17 Dressing Pliers
College Serrated Handle 15cm.DA-2457
$12.50 $9.75
Mirror Head 12/Box Cone Socket - Front Surface
Cone Socket Mirror No.5Made In Germany 12 Pic / Box TOPvision FS Mouth MirrorsThe TOPvision FS is the alternative to the TOPvision FS Rhodium. Rhodium is even more expensive than gold. In order to offer a more favourable front surface mouth...
$34.50 from $2.75
Mirror Handle MH7- Huf Friedy
    Cone Socket Mirror, ergonomic handle. Satin Steel™Colours.Cone Socket Mirror Handle used with Single and Double-Sided Cone Socket Mirrors. The blunt end of the mirror handle is ideal for testing sensitivity to percussion and assessing tooth mobility.ND  
$18.00 from $7.00
William Probe PQW6
Hu- Friedy   William Probe - 1-2-3-5-7-8-9-10
$52.50 $46.50
XP23/QOW Williams Explorer Probe
Perio Prob.DE Color Coded.DA-2765 Explorer 23- QW 
$22.00 $18.00
Cone Socket Mirror No.4
Cone Socket Mirror No.4Regular Surface:DA-2497Front Surface:DA-2498Magnifying Surface:DA-2499Miltex Mirror - 12 Pic / Box 
Intra Oral Mirror Occlusal
Intra Oral  Double sided Mirror Adul Occlusal Adult Occlusal 7.5 cm x 10.5 cm,
$34.00 from $29.99
UNC 12 Colorvue™ Probe Tips, With Metal Handle
  Colorvue™ probes feature a vivid yellow tip with black markings for enhanced contrast to intraoral structures in both natural and implant dentition. Optimal flexibility and a rounded tip provide greater patient comfort and acceptability. The probe tips are safe...
$59.00 $52.00
Explorer 2A Pigtail
Explorers are a type of sickle probe dentists use to look for caries and calculus detection, exploration of pocket characteristics, furcations and restorations. Double-end sickled probe Pigtail tip Pigtail Explorer
$16.75 $14.75
Perio Prob
Perio Probe Single End -University Of North Carolina, 15UNC
Cone Socket Mirror No.8
Cone Socket Mirror No.8             40mmRegular Surface:DA-2509Front Surface:DA-2510Magnifying Surface:DA-2511 
Explorer DG 16
EXP No: DG 16 Solid. DA-2451
$49.00 from $16.00
Hahnenkratt Relax FS Rhodium / ULTRA Mouth Mirrors 10/pk
Relax FS Rhodium Mouth MirrorsThe advantages of a front surface mirror in combination with the »lite« fiberglass design, provide highestcomfort for you and your patient for relaxed dental operations.RELAX - Designed with a perfect blend of technology and ergonomics.Comfortably light weight - For...
from $7.50

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