Gelato Prophy Paste Jars, 12 Oz, Medium
Introducing the Gelato Prophy Paste Jars, a revolutionary dental care product designed to elevate oral hygiene routines. Each jar contains 12 ounces of the finest medium-grit prophy paste, meticulously crafted to deliver a superior polishing experience. Specially formulated for professional...
$38.50 $22.99
Keystone Gelato™ Bubble Gum Flavor Prophy Paste with Fine Grit
Keystone Gelato™ Bubble Gum Flavor Prophy Paste featuring Fine Grit. This innovative dental prophy paste is not just about maintaining oral health but also making the process enjoyable. The fine grit formulation ensures a thorough yet gentle cleaning, effectively removing...
$49.00 $39.99
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