Pulpdent - Etch-Rite Jumbo Syringe Refill
  Etch-Rite Jumbo Syringe Refill - 38% Phosphoric Acid Etching Gel: 2 - 25 mL Syringes
$64.50 $52.99
Reach Floss Waxed, Refill, 200yd
    Reach Waxed Dental Floss 200 yard. Individually boxed, wrapped. Air-entangled
$8.99 $5.99
BM-5000 General Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaner, 4L
  BM®-5000 GENERAL PURPOSE CLEANER CONCENTRATE Main Ingredients : Combination of surfactants Isopropyl alcohol This 10 to 1 concentrate solution is lemon scented and non- ammoniated. Contains a corrosion inhibitor. Formulated for the removing of blood, tissue, debris and other...
$38.50 $29.99
Hu-Friedy CS246 #24 Spatula
  #24 Spatula with flexible blade #6 Satin Steel Handle For use mixin g medium body cements and other materials
$69.00 $59.00
  Flexible, reversed, flared paddle design for shaping and placement of Class III and IV restorations. 2.5mm/2.5mm
$69.00 $54.00
Pristine Water Line Cleaning Tablets 60/Bx
   ADVANTAGES: Contains natural preservatives for continuous cleaning of self-contained water systems. Environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals Effective, easy to use, no purging required, orderless, tasteless, non-irritating and has no effect on bonding.  Compatible with all dental unit water...
$69.99 $59.99
    Stainless Steel RA Shank For Straight Handpiece Pack Of 5
Bur Holder
24 Holes 6 Holes for RA Burs  6 Holes for FG short 12 Holes for FG Dimension: 55mm x 25mm x28mm
$24.00 $19.75
Hygenic Endo Ice Spray - 6oz
  Cold sprays are used to ice cotton or foam pellets. With the frozen pellets the normal of nerve fibers can be tested.  ENDO-ICE spray is used to ice cotton or endo frost pellets to test the normal response of...
$38.50 $32.99
Evacuation System Cleaner SuperVac
Latest generation of concentrated evacuation cleaner. Triple enzymatic, powerful, non-foaming, mint scent.  Approved by Solmetex for use with their amalgam separator. 2:30 Ra
$68.00 $49.99
Implant Scalers 4L/4R
  Unique resin material does not scratch implant surfaces Resharpenable with conventional methods Comfortable color-coded silicone grips 5 types to satisfy different scaling needs Optional sharpening stone for optimal resharpening results Designed to fulfill the requirements of dental implant maintenance, ImplaKleanTM...
$48.00 $39.00
Coe Tray Cleaner
One refill bottle of powder 575g.?Coe Tray Cleaner mixes easily with water to remove alginate, wax, and material compounds from metal trays and instruments. This product cleans in as little as 15 minutes.
$64.50 $54.99
Mylar Matrix Strips 1000/Pk
Mylar Matrix Strips • Made from DuPont .002 Mylar polyester film, far stronger than acetate• Use for composite restorations• 3/8” x 4”, 5.8 microns thickness Ref #57Straight (not contoured)1,000/box Ref #58Curved (contoured)1,000/box
Herculite Ultra Flow Syringe Kit
Contains: 2 Syringes (2g each) of each single shade, 20 Dispensing Tips, Technique Guide, and Directions for Use Nanohybrid Flowable Composite Herculite Ultra Flow combines the long-standing expertise of the Herculite brand with an innovative flowable composite. It is the...
Amalgam Well Huf Friedy
Stainless steel, with removable non-slip base ring. Designed for easy amalgam handling.
$74.00 from $16.00
Pumice Preppies 2gm Unit Dose 100/Bx
  Unit dose flour of pumice. Contains no flavoring agents, oils or fluoride.
$89.00 $71.99
16 Goldman-Fox Super-Cut Scissors
   Goldman-Fox Super-Cut scissors with 1 serrated blade used for trimming tissue or cutting sutures. Featuring tapered blade tips, tips that are not sharp on outside and are used as tonotomy scissors. 12.5cm
$194.00 from $36.00
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15-8-14 Hatchets used for cavity preparation: retentive areas, internal line angles and removing hard caries.
$59.00 $49.00
Amalgam Carrier AC5202 ,2.8-2- Huf Friedy
Double-ended amalgam carrier tip used to carry and dispense amalgam filling materials (2.8 mm & 2.0 mm).
from $26.00
Dressing Locking Plier DP 18L Hu Friedy
DP18 L Dressing Pliers are made with stainless steel & feature a serrated tip for a positive grip & locking mechanism. Hu-Friedy dressing pliers are used to grip or transfer materials in and out of the oral cavity. Our dressing...
$54.00 from $9.75
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Probe XP23/QOW6
Double-ended instrument with an explorer on one end and a probe on the other. ergonomic, Satin Steel™handle.
$54.00 $49.00

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